Know the Terrain Vol. 1: The Carlsbad – IM Sam Collins

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Pawn Structures: The Carlsbad, Know the Terrain Vol. 1 - IM Sam Collins
Know The Terrain Vol. 1: The Carlsbad – IM Sam Collins

The information explosion has led to a massive increase in opening theory, but how often do you win a game with a prepared line?

What gives strong players the edge over their opponents is not some blockbuster novelty, but a deep understanding of the pawn structures to which their openings lead.

It is an understanding that lasts into the middlegame and endgame and is transferrable between different openings with similar structures.

In this DVD, Sam Collins examines one of the most important pawn structures in chess, the Carlsbad.

It has long been the playground of the world champions, whether with Karpov’s classical approach of Nf3 or Botvinnik and Kasparov’s incredible results with Nge2 and f3.

The Carlsbad has an enormous strategic potential for White (exemplified by the legendary “minority attack”) countered by Black’s deceptively simple kingside counterplay.

IM Sam Collins
International master Sam Collins

About the Author:

Sam Collins is an International Master from Ireland with two GM norms.

He has represented his country at six Olympiads, winning an individual gold medal at Bled in 2002.

He is the author of several bestselling opening books.

As a coach, he has lectured national junior squads and taught the master class at the renowned Berkeley Chess School.

He has been the national champion of Ireland and Japan.

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