Mastering Pawn Play – GM Alex Yermolinsky & IM John Watson

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Mastering Pawn Structures – GM Alex Yermolinsky & IM John Watson

When evaluating a chess position, every Grandmaster considers four key factors: king safety, material count, the activity of the pieces, and pawn structure.

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Most amateurs tend to pay too much attention to piece activity and material, and neglect assessing critical pawn play and pawn structures when deciding on their strategy.

How many times have you played what you thought was a good game, just to realize you’re now facing a lost ending?

Many of these endings are lost because players neglect to account for pawn play and the resulting pawn structures. However, you can stop that now and master the keys of pawn play with this new video series.

Crucial topics are covered such as pawn chains, isolated pawns, doubled pawns, pawn endings and more.

About the Authors:

This video series is presented to you by 3 famous chess coaches and authors: IM John Watson, GM Alex Yermolinsky and NM Dan Heisman.

IM John Watson is best known as a chess theorist and author, He has written more than thirty books on many aspects of chess. His 1999 book Secrets of Modern Chess Strategy won the British Chess Federation’s Book of the year award as well as the United States Chess Federation Book of the Year.

GM Alex Yermolinsky is an American grandmaster and also a two-time U.S. Chess Champion.

In 1993, Yermolinsky won the U.S. Chess Championship, tying for first place with Alexander Shabalov. In 1996 he was the sole champion. He has won the World Open in Philadelphia three times: in 1993, 1995 and 1996. (In 1999 he was equal first with other nine players, and Gregory Serper won the playoff).

NM Dan Heisman is an award-winning chess author and full-time chess instructor in Wynnewood PA. He is a US Chess Federation National Master (NM) and a World Chess Federation Candidate Master (FIDE CM).

Heisman is one of the most sought-after coaches in America. He coaches celebrities (including TV and radio personality Howard Stern) as well as the next generation of stars and has won multiple awards for his work.

How can I benefit from this course?

Understanding how the pawn structures influence the game is the hallmark of a strong player but it’s often a mystery to club players.

If you’ve ever found yourself in a position where you’re running out of good moves but don’t know where you went wrong, you’ve probably misunderstood the pawn structure.

Mastering Pawn Play will fix this and help you build positions where your pieces have all the activity while your opponent gradually gets squeezed off the board.

Knowledge of these motifs will prove useful in just about any position, helping you to come up with a winning plan based on the pawn structure.

Add a new weapon and dimension to your game with top instructors like IM John Watson, GM Alex Yermolinsky and NM Dan Heisman.

Enjoy this awesome course!