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  • Chess Gambits Against The Sicilian, The French and Ruy Lopez

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  • Classical Sicilian with GM Bryan Smith

    Beating 1.e4 with The Classical Sicilian – GM Bryan Smith

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  • Chess Openings Master Guide - Become an Opening Expert in 12 Months

    Chess Opening Master Guide: Become an Opening Expert in 12 Months

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  • Master The Sicilian Pawn Structures – Im Matt Kolosowski

    Master the Sicilian Pawn Structures – IM Matt Kolosowski

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  • Build Your Opening Repertoire – Gm Alex Yermolinsky

    Build your Opening Repertoire – GM Alex Yermolinsky

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  • Judit Polgar’s Secrets Of The Sicilian  – The Judit Polgar Method

    Judit Polgar’s Secrets of the Sicilian – The Judit Polgar method

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  • Complete Opening Repertoire – Im John Watson

    Complete Opening Repertoire – IM John Watson

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  • 1. E4 Gambits – Gm Boris Alterman

    1. e4 Gambits – GM Boris Alterman

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