Queen's Indian Defense

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  • Beat The Queen’s Indian: The Modern Fianchetto Line – Gm Simon Williams (physical Disc)

    Beat the Queen's Indian: The modern Fianchetto Line - GM Simon Williams (Physical Disc)

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  • A Strategic Weapon Against 1.d4: The Queen’s Indian Defense – Gm Viktor Bologan (physical Disc)

    A strategic weapon against 1.d4: The Queen's Indian Defense - GM Viktor Bologan (Physical Disc)

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  • No Fear Of 1.d4! Vol. 1 – Catalan And Queen’s Indian – Gm Sergei Tiviakov (physical Disc)

    No fear of 1.d4! Vol. 1 - Catalan and Queen's Indian - GM Sergei Tiviakov (Physical Disc)

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  • Dominate With Queen’s Indian Defense – Gm Jan Werle

    Dominate With Queen's Indian Defense - GM Jan Werle

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  • Chessbase Tutorials Openings # 04: Indian Openings (physical Disc)

    ChessBase Tutorials Openings # 04: Indian Openings (Physical Disc)

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  • Queen‘s Indian Defence – The Easy Way – Gm Jacob Aagaard (physical Disc)

    Queen‘s Indian Defence - The easy way - GM Jacob Aagaard (Physical Disc)

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