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willstewart-300x200The FM Will Stewart Collection is the complete solution for beginner and intermediate chess players who want to improve ALL phases of their game. This chess DVD bundle provides viewers with a complete opening repertoire for black, introducing the Sicilian Najdorf and French Defense against 1. e4, accompanied by the Nimzo-Indian and Bogo-Indian Defenses against 1. d4. This product bundle also features ¨The Will to Win: Mastering Chess Endgames¨ – a 5 hour course that instructs viewers on a variety of common endgame tricks. FIDE Master Will Stewart demonstrates a unique ability to make learning chess easy and fun by teaching in a very laid-back and entertaining manner. Above all, Stewart does an excellent job of presenting his chess ideology in these 5 DVDs – stressing the importance of understanding the reasons behind the moves, instead of simply memorizing variations! If you are a beginner or intermediate chess player looking to improve your quality of play, practical tournament results, and rating – this collection of 5 chess DVDs features over 16 hours of master content guaranteed to help you achieve your chess goals.

$14.99 $24.95 $19.95 $15.95 $19.75 = $95.59. Own the full set for only $64.99 That is nearly 50% off for every chess DVD William Stewart has ever made.

Crushing White: The French Defense

The French Defense is a comprehensive response for black against 1. e4 and this chess DVD will teach you not just equalize with black in the opening, but fight for the win! In the French Defense white almost always obtains a space advantage in the very first moves, however black is frequently dictating the course of play by energetically counterattacking white`s extended pawn structure. If you are looking to add a complete and effective weapon to your opening repertoire for black against 1. e4, this 3 hour chess DVD is guaranteed to provide you with the tools that you will need to succeed – focusing on combining sound positional concepts with highly creative attacking patterns to CRUSH WHITE!

Bobby Fischer vs Garry Kasparov – Mastering the Sicilian Najdorf

The series focuses on the contributions made by the 2 most famous chess players in history and how they used the Sicilian Najdorf to their advantage in some of their most famous games. The purpose of this DVD is to demonstrate to the beginner and intermediate chess players the basic and advanced principles of one of the most dangerous openings known to the game of chess – the Sicilian Najdorf.

Crushing White: The Nimzo-Indian Defense

The Nimzo-Indian Defense is an incredibly effective weapon for black against 1. d4, typically generating double-edged positions very early in the opening. This chess DVD will teach you the basic principles of the Nimzo-Indian Defense, placing special emphasis on recurring tactical and positional concepts to ensure your preparation is complete.

Crushing White: The Bogo-Indian Defense

The Bogo-Indian is a popular opening at the Grandmaster level however it is very uncommon at the beginner and intermediate levels because many of the positional concepts are advanced and difficult to grasp at first glance. Combined with the Nimzo-Indian Defense, the Bogo-Indian Defense represents a comprehensive opening solution for black against 1. d4. This chess DVD is guaranteed to provide you with the deep, understanding-based learning you need to succeed in chess – emphasizing comprehension of the reasons behind the moves instead of memorization of lines.

The Will to Win: Mastering Chess Endgames

Many beginners focus exclusively on openings and tactics, leaving out a crucial element for success – endgame technique. After all, if you can play a great opening and middlegame and emerge with a strong advantage in the endgame – you still have to actually win the game! If you are looking to learn the basics of chess endgame play and want to improve your chess endgame technique, this is the chess DVD for you.

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