The Naiditsch Method 01 and 02 – GM Arkadij Naiditsch

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Master Method Series #11

Join Super GM Arkadij Naiditsch (peak rating 2737) as he takes on 4 of the world’s top 10 players in the Grenke Chess Classic.

In a unique format, GM Naiditsch shares his thoughts, feelings, and plans before and after each round, giving incredible insight into the world of a competitive player.

Learn how a chess pro prepares for specific opponents, how he manages his emotions after good and disappointing results plus get inside a Super GM’s thought process as Arkadij analyzes each of his games right after finishing playing.

Not only that, but GM Naiditsch also analyzes each of the other 3 games played every round, revealing the secrets of elite level chess. If you want to be a more successful competitive chess player, arm yourself with a pro’s best tips and tricks with Naiditsch’s Tournament Preparation Guide.


  1. Round 1
    • Before the tournament begins (Pairings+Before1Round)
    • Vachier-Lagrave-Naiditsch (Round1-Full )
    • Caruana is checkmated – R1 report (Round1-Full )
  2. Round 2
    • Preparing for Caruana (Round2-Preparation)
    • Naiditsch-Caruana (Round2-MyGame)
    • Hou Yifan wins again – R2 report (Round2-Report)
  3. Round 3
    • Preparing for GM Bluebaum (Round3-Preparation)
    • Bluebaum-Naiditsch (Round3-My Game)
    • Caruana’s killer sac – R3 report (Round3-Report)
  4. Round 4
    • Preparing for GM Meier (Round4-Preparation)
    • Naiditsch-Meier (Round4-My Game)
    • Carlsen vs. Caruana – R4 report (Round4-Report)
  5. Round 5
    • Preparing for Levon Aronian (Game5-Preparation)
    • Aronian-Naiditsch (Round5-My Game)
    • Carlsen gets his first win – R5 report (Round5-Report)
  6. Round 6
    • Preparing for Magnus Carlsen (Game6-Preparation)
    • Naiditsch-Carlsen (Round6-My Game)
    • Aronian takes control (Round6-Report)
  7. Round 7
    • Preparing for Hou Yifan (Game7-Preparation)
    • Hou Yifan-Naiditsch (Round7-My Game)
    • Fighting chess – R7 report (Round7-Report)

Master Method Series #23

Super GM Arkadij Naiditsch (peak rating 2737) is back, examining some of the greatest games from the past few years from the world’s greatest players.

GM Naiditsch begins with a deep exploration of the Najdorf, an extremely sharp and powerful opening, showing how rich it can be, and how many creative options Black has as their disposal.

Next, GM Naiditsch analyses some of the greatest attacking games of recent memory, from a beautiful queen sacrifice from Radjabov to Caruana’s daring pawn rush. You’ll pick up some of the key attacking ideas being employed by the world’s best.

Many players understand the general opening principles and learn basic endgame tactics, but often fall apart in the middlegame. How do you find a plan for this crucial part of the game? By examining 7 recent masterpieces, GM Naiditsch reveals the nuances of the middlegame, unveiling the positional and strategic ideas you can employ in your games.

Turn those tense close games into victories! What good is all this master-level material if you struggle to think straight in the important, stressful games? Building upon his Tournament Preparation Guide, GM Naiditsch uses four of his own games to delve into useful tips and advice for preparing for that last round game.


Chapter 1 – Exploring The Najdorf

  1. Anish Giri – Maxime Vachier-Lagrave Every move counts!
  2. Vishy Anand – Maxime Vachier-Lagrave Moves so good even engines struggle to find them!
  3. Teimour Radjabov – Alexander Grischuk Punishing unprepared opponents.
  4. Jan-Krzysztof Duda – Radoslaw Wojtaszek When White quickly goes wrong.
  5. Wei Yi – Thien Hai Dao When Black gets it wrong.
  6. Fabiano Caruana – Hikaru Nakamura Surprising the opponent.

Chapter 2 – Instructive Attacking Games

  1. Teimour Radjabov – Olexandr Bortnyk Great attack comes from a good position.
  2. Wesley So – Garry Kasparov Using all the pieces dynamically.
  3. Constantin Lululescu – Gabor Papp Finding sharp tactics.
  4. Wen Yang – Vladislaw Artemiev How Wen Yang won with the amazing rook sac 13. Rxf7!!
  5. Fabiano Caruana – Teimour Radjabov Storming up the board with the daring 22. h4!
  6. A R Saleh Salem – Siva Mahadevan Using pins and decisive sacrifices such as 22. Nxe6!!
  7. Vladimir Kramnik – Rainer Buhmann Sacrifices and tactics! Fighting a strong defence.
  8. Li Chao – Laurent Fressinet Cold-blooded attacking!

Chapter 3 – Middlegame Masterpieces

  1. Leinier Dominguez – Ildar Ibragimov Finding deep plans.
  2. Vladimir Kramnik – Levon Aronian Understanding symmetrical pawn structures in The Slav.
  3. Vassily Ivanchuk – Wang Hao Using all of your resources.
  4. Magnus Carlsen – Vishy Anand Combining center play with a hidden attack.
  5. Dmitry Jakovenko – Dmitry Andreikin Limiting the opponent’s options.
  6. Peter Leko – Fabiano Caruana Strategic domination.
  7. Veselin Topalov – Peter Svidler Finding precise middlegame plans.

Chapter 4 – Winning The Last Round

  1. Nigel Short – Arkadij Naiditsch The will to win.
  2. Arkadij Naiditsch – Sipke Ernst Pouncing on opponent’s mistakes.
  3. Arkadij Naiditsch – Laurent Fressinet Being psychologically prepared.
  4. Maxim Rodshtein – Arkadij Naiditsch Choosing the correct opening.

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