My favourite Boris Spassky games – IM Lawrence Trent

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Boris Spassky gm
Boris Spassky, the tenth World Champion, was regarded as one of the few truly universal players, equally comfortable attacking, defending, in slow positional squeezes or wild tactical melees.

IM Lawrence Trent takes an instructive and appreciative look at some of his favorite games by Spassky, including tour-de-forces where Boris dominates some of the world’s elite.

Spassky’s games combine creativity with practicality and make for memorable moments, indeed some of the moves you will see are amongst the most famous of all time.

A great champion whose reign was only cut short by the unstoppable genius of Bobby Fischer, there is much to be learned from Spassky’s rich games and IM Trent conveys some of these key lessons in this enjoyable course.


1. Introduction
2. Spassky vs. Avtonomov
3. Spassky vs. Bronstein – Part 1
4. Spassky vs. Bronstein – Part 2
5. Spassky vs. Larsen – Part 1
6. Spassky vs. Larsen – Part 2
7. Spassky vs. Larsen – Part 3
8. Spassky vs. Geller – Part 1
9. Spassky vs. Geller – Part 2
10. Larsen vs. Spassky – Part 1
11. Larsen vs. Spassky – Part 2
12. Spassky vs. Petrosian – Part 1
13. Spassky vs. Petrosian – Part 2
14. Spassky vs. Petrosian – Part 3

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