Monster your Endgame Planning: Volume 1

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Monster your Endgame Planning: Volume 1
Monster your Endgame Planning: Volume 1 Front Cover

The unique concept of Monster your Middlegame Planning received very good feedback from readers around the world. Therefore, this series continues by keeping the same concept for chess endgames in two volumes.

The author GM Efstratios Grivas is going through the most important endgame topics in a testing format. So the reader not only masters chess endgames but also tests his actual knowledge.


Needless to some, Efstratios Grivas, is a chess Grandmaster, FIDE Trainer, International Chess Arbiter and Organizer, and a highly acclaimed chess author.

Also known for the Grivas Laboratory Volume Series, he now brings you his FIDE Trainer experience to teach you the best of arts – the endgame.

Spread in two volumes, Monster Your Endgame Planning was written to turn you into a practical chess endgame beast.


Nowadays, anyone can go online and try and find the best endgame book.

Some may say Dvoretsky’s Endgame Manual is the chess endgame book for non-theoretical endgames. Some may bring Silman’s Complete Endgame Course or other chess books.

FIDE Trainer Efstratios Grivas went beyond thoroughly explaining chess endgame positions. Monster Your Endgame Planning brings you the answer to the internal debates of choosing between plans during the endgame.

Equipped with elite practical knowledge of endgames, Monster Your Endgame Planning is an easy read similar to Jeremy Silman’s books.

Right at the start, Efstratios Grivas provides a list of chess endgame concepts and principles for the reader to guide himself.

Also, for the reader to access his chess endgame strength, tests are provided with a point system connecting to the planning strength from Category C to Grandmaster.


Practical, non-theoretical, endgames occur far too regularly.

No matter what a player’s game phase preference is, any player looking to score points against a master must equalize his practical endgame knowledge to that of the master.


Because the master is less likely to make a decisive opening and middlegame mistake that costs him/her the game.

But how do you learn them?

  • 100 Endgames by Villa is for theoretical endgames you can memorize.
  • Dvoretsky’s Manual may be far too detailed and complex for some.
  • Silman’s Course tends to lack in the middlegame transitioning phase to the endgame.

Monster Your Endgame Planning by Efstratios Grivas brings you a Silman-like easy read with practical knowledge like Dvoretsky’s Manual while mimicking the internal planning process occurring in a tournament game.

This book is a gold mine for planning your endgames.

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