Modern Endgame Manual Bundle

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Modern Endgame Manual Bundle
Modern Endgame Manual Bundle

The better you get at endgames, the better you become at middlegames and openings.

Learning to play endgames well teaches you how to get the best from each piece.

When you play a bishop versus knight endgame, you deepen your understanding of both these minor pieces. Playing rook endgames without open files will teach you the importance of creating open files earlier in the game.

Many chess players think the endgame is the last phase of the game when in reality, it is the foundation upon which your game is built!

Endgames are excellent for sharpening your calculation, position analysis, and tactical play.

The Modern Endgame Manual Bundle will teach you everything you need to know about playing queen, rook, and minor piece endgames. The time you spend learning the wisdom each book holds will be amply rewarded and make you a better overall chess player.

The Modern Endgame Manual Bundle consists of the following books:

  • Mastering Queen and Pawn Endgames
  • Mastering Minor Piece Endgames: Part 1
  • Mastering Minor Piece Endgames: Part 2
  • Mastering Queen vs Pieces Endgames
  • Mastering Rook vs Pieces Endgames
  • Mastering Basic Rook Endgames
  • Mastering Typical Rook Endgames
  • Mastering Essential Rook Endgames

We are very proud to present the first FIDE-approved endgame manual. Written by 3 of the world-leading experts: FIDE Senior Trainers IGM Mikhalchishin, IGM Grivas, and IGM Balogh.

A total of 8 endgame books will take you step-by-step from king & pawn endgames all the way through to extremely complex and materially unbalanced endgames.

Become an expert and learn to enjoy even more the “silent beauty” of the endgame.

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