Learn the Nimzo-Indian Defense – GM Niclas Huschenbeth

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Bogo-Indian gm

The Nimzowitsch-Indian Defense is one of the most popular openings against 1.d4, giving great opportunities to Black.

Grandmaster Niclas Huschenbeth presents a complete repertoire from Black’s perspective and reveals many secrets of his own practice.

Over the course of 4 hours, you will learn the best move orders, which pieces to keep and which to exchange, when to open the position and much more.

This video series is intended for advanced players and will quickly upgrade your Nimzo-Indian repertoire to a GM standard.


1. Introduction
2. Sidelines: 4.g3 and 4.Qb3
3. 4.Bd2
4. Leningrad Variation 4.Bg5
5. Sämisch Variation 4.a3
6. 4.f3
7. Kasparov Variation 4.Nf3 b6 – Sidelines without 5.Bg5
8. Kasparov Variation – 4.Nf3 b6 5.Bg5
9. Classical 4.Qc2 0-0 5.e3/5.Bg5
10. Classical 4.Qc2 0-0 5.e4
11. Classical 4.Qc2 0-0 5.Nf3
12. Classical 4.Qc2 0-0 5.a3
13. Rubinstein System 4.e3 b6 sidelines
14. Rubinstein System 4.e3 b6 5.Ne2 c5
15. Rubinstein System 4.e3 b6 5.Ne2 Ne4
16. Summary

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Running Time

4 hours 9 minutes



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