Kramnik vs Deep Fritz – GM Jesse Kraai, IM Bill Paschall & IM David Vigorito

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World Champion Kramnik, played two matches against Deep Fritz version 10 a computer program. This series is about his second match of six games taking place in Bonn, Germany November 25 to December 5, 2006. Kramnik lost 4–2 to the machine, with two losses and four draws. Kramnik was paid 500,000 Euros for playing and would have received another 500,000 Euros had he won the match. Deep Fritz ran on a computer containing two Intel Xeon CPUs (a Xeon DC 5160 3 GHz processor, 1333 MHz FSB and a 4 MB L2 cache) able to evaluate eight million positions per second. Kramnik received a copy of the Deep Fritz program in mid-October for testing. The version of Deep Fritz Kramnik played included an updated opening book from that preliminary copy. Except for limited updates to the opening book, the program was not changed or updated during the course of the match. The endgame tablebases used by the program were restricted to five pieces even though a complete six-piece tablebase was widely available at the time. While Deep Fritz was in its opening book Kramnik was allowed to see Fritz’s display. The Fritz display contains opening book moves, number of games, Elo performance, score from grandmaster games and the move weighting. ChessLecture masters GM Jesse Kraai, IM Bill Paschall and IM David Vigorito analyze the limitations of the computer and Kramnik’s steering of games into the computers limitations of this historical event.

Content: 190 minutes of instruction and analysis in a series of 7 lectures. PGN Included.

Recommended for: All Levels Players.

Users rated this series: 4.00 out of 5

Chess Fans have said: Very impressive game and lecture. Thanks to IM Bill Paschall.

GM Jesse Kraai currently resides in Berkeley, California. His most notable chess achievements are winning the Denker Tournament of High School Champions in 1989 and 1990, and competing in the US championship from 2002-2006. Jesse received his final GM norm at the Foxwoods Open 2007 and has a Ph.D in Philosophy from the University of Heidelberg.

IM Bill Paschall currently resides in Budapest, Hungary. Bill was the 2013 New England Co-Champion, Boylston Chess Club Champion 2002, finished 1st at the Foxwoods Open 2002, two-time New England Open Champion, and has defeated more than 20 IGM’s in tournament play. Bill has extensive experience training both adults and children privately and in the schools.

IM David Vigorito was the 2007 Massachusetts Champion, as well as the state champion of New Hampshire and Nevada. He was the Champion of the Boylston (Boston) Chess Club, with a USCF rating of 2479. David played in the 2006 U.S. Championship after finishing in a tie for 3rd place at the U.S. Open in Phoenix. He is a successful chess author – his Challenging the Nimzo-Indian was very well received by critics and players alike, and his second book, Play the Semi-Slav, was eagerly anticipated. David is an active chess coach for students at all ages and levels.


Man vs. Machine Preview
Queen’s Gambit Accepted: Classical
Run Time: 00:21:56

Game 1
Catalan: Open
Run Time: 00:33:34

Game 2
Queen’s Gambit Accepted
Run Time: 00:26:44

Game 3
Catalan: Open
Run Time: 00:23:16

Game 4
Petrov Defense: Modern Attack
Run Time: 00:24:17

Game 5
Nimzo-Indian Defense: 4.e3
Run Time: 00:28:26

Game 6
Sicilian Defense: Najdorf
Run Time: 00:31:48

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