Killer Bogo Indian – Elisabeth Paehtz

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Gm Mesgen Amanov – Chess Lessons – Volume 2

Welcome everybody to my Killer Bogo Indian – French Style opening course! The name of this exclusive opening is based on a sharp and dynamic set-up and of course the option of a transposition into the French opening when white plays 2.e4.

Killer Bogo Indian
Killer Bogo Indian

About the Author:

From her early childhood, the chess world predicted Elisabeth Paehtz would one day become one of Germany’s strongest chess players. She absorbed chess concepts fast and, gifted with an intuitive sense of the chessboard, she somehow knew where the pieces belonged, winning game after game in big tournaments.

So when she scored a stunning victory in the World Youth Championships in 2002, many people were not surprised.

Ten Chess Olympiad appearances later…she is a force to be reckoned with.

What you will learn

The course is divided into 3 chapters:

1: 3.Nd2

2. 3.Nc3

3. 3.Bd2

All those chapters lead to different structures, ideas, and options. IM Paehtz tried to choose the sharpest variations as she is a dynamic player, however, she also mentions alternatives in the game notations.

Is the course for me?

Why does the Killer Bogo Indian offer you an excellent repertoire? First of all the “learning theory effort is rather limited” if you are a French opening player.  Secondly, the move order 1…e6 and Bb4 does avoid the Nimzo Indian Defence (see chapter 2), as you do not put your knight on f6 at the early stage. The early b6-Bb7 and f5 set-up gives you a quick control on the important central square on e4.

Last but not least is the build-up of pressure. In most variations you create an early attack in the center, forcing your opponent to play precisely.

“I played many games in the Bogo Indian Variation myself with great success, especially for rapid and blitz games, this is a super good opening as moves are logical and come easy by hand.” – IM Elizabeth Paethz

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Table of contents

  • Chapter 1
    • part 1 Nd2 6.Qxd4 and 7.b4
    • part 2a Nd2 6.Qxd4 and 7.Nf3
    • part 2b Nd2 6.Qxd4 and 7.Nf3
    • part 3a Nd2 6.Nxf3
    • part 3b Nd2 6.Nf3 7.g3
  • Chapter 2
    • part1 Nc3 and 4.e3- Nf3- a3
    • part 2a Nc3 4.Qb3 c5 5.a3-d5
    • part 2b Nc3 4.Qb3 c5 5.Nf3 and Bg5line
    • part 2c Nc3 4.Qb3 c5 5.Nf3 and a3line
    • part 2d Nc3 4.Qb3 c5 5.Nf3 and Bf4 line
    • part 3 Qc2
    • part 4a 4.e4 and Qc2
    • part 4b 4.e4 and Bd3
    • part 4c 4.e4 and f3
    • 4.g3 and d6-e5 set-up part 6a
    • 4.g3 and d6-e5 set up part 6b
    • 4.Nf3 and a3 part 4
    • 4.Nf3 and g3 part 5
  • Chapter 3 
    • part1a Ld2 a5 4.e4
    • part 1b 4.e4
    • part 1c 4.e4
    • part 2a 4.Nc3 and a3
    • part 2b 4.Nc3 and e3-Nf3-Rc1
    • part 3a 4.a3 and the problem about d6
    • part 3b 4.a3-Nc3 and d5 set up
    • part 3c 5.a3-Nc3 and d5 set up