Keeping the Tempo: The Art of Forcing Chess – GM Josh Friedel

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Keeping The Tempo: The Art Of Forcing Chess - Gm Josh Friedel

Keeping the Tempo: The Art of Forcing Chess

In chess, the initiative is everything. When Wilhelm Steinitz, the first World Champion, laid out his classical chess principles, he said, “only the player with the initiative has the right to attack”.

Get the initiative and you boss the game. Your every move contains a deadly threat, your opponent’s plans are out of the window. All they can do is react, defend passively and hope your next move isn’t the last.

Now you can learn the secret of commanding the initiative with Keeping the Tempo: The Art of Forcing Chess from American GM Josh Friedel (2562).

This 5 hour course teaches you how to think in a new way, prioritizing forcing moves, tactics and sacrifices to keep your opponents on the back foot.

GM Josh Friedel has earned his reputation as one of the fiercest attacking players around and says it’s this approach of playing the most forcing (good) move in every position that has helped him achieve his success.

Here’s how it will change your game:

  • Find strong moves quickly with Josh’s aggressive analysis As Nigel Short says, “Modern chess is too much concerned with things like pawn structure. Forget it, checkmate ends the game!”
  • Keeping The Tempo: The Art Of Forcing Chess - Gm Josh FriedelStart seeing counter-intuitive ideas that win positions like this one! Computers find them easily but our human preconceptions actually cloud the answer from us. Josh reveals how to think like Stockfish! (Chapter 5).
  • Effortless endgame execution. Tactics are everywhere in the endgame. In chapter 6, GM Friedel shows you how you can apply the principles of forcing chess to win 80% of endings!
  • One-way traffic. The only way your rivals will be able to survive is by creating counterplay – but Josh’s tempo prophylaxis technique means they’ll get no joy!

A fantastic course that will help you win more games, have more fun and improve your calculation skill!

Chapter Outline:

  1. Introduction
  2. Tempo Tactics
  3. Calculating with Tempo
  4. Finishing with Tempo
  5. Offbeat Tempi
  6. Tempo in the Endgame
  7. Tempo Prophylaxis


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Running Time

4 hours 54 minutes



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