Keep It Simple: 1.e4 – IM Christof Sielecki

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Keep It Simple: 1.e4 – IM Christof Sielecki

KIS 1.e4

International Master Christof Sielecki’s award-winning course is now on iChess!

Keep It Simple: 1.e4 is exactly as it sounds – an easy-to-learn, precise, and systematic approach to keep the pressure on any defense Black tries against 1.e4!

A course for players of any strength! GMs have bought this, Club players love it! Beginners have gotten incredible results with it, this course is a must-have.

About the Author:

Christof Sielecki is a German International Master. He started to play chess professionally in 1987 at the age of 13, then he earned the FM title, breaking 2300 Elo rating at the age of 21.

He was able to cross the 2400 Elo barrier and earn his first IM norm two years after becoming a Fide Master.

His victory at the Latschach Open in 2013 ahead of many strong GMs. In league chess, he won the Dutch Team Championships in the Netherlands with Voerendaal in 2012.

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IM Sielecki asides from being a best-seller published author is no stranger to video chess instruction.

Here he presents a super-solid set of carefully chosen lines to equip players at all levels with tools to dominate Black in the opening.

IM Sielecki’s main recommendation for dealing with the mainline of 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 is based on the Scotch Four Knights which follows with 3. Nc3 and aiming for d4 to get an advantage in the opening.

The author also presents reliable systems to keep the pressure on Black’s every try.

Three chapters are devoted to the Sicilian, plus systems against the Caro-Kann, the French, the Pirc, Modern and Philidor and ways to counter the Scandinavian, the Alekhine and other rare lines.

✔️ Full repertoire based on Scotch Four Knights
✔️ Full counter to the Sicilian based on solid Bb5 lines
✔️ Caro-Kann, Alekhine, Pirc and French responses
✔️ Modern Defence, Scandinavian and Philidor tackled
✔️ Model games to give you inspiration – see Carlsen, MVL, Anand and other top players in action!

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