Intel Grand Prix London 1994



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Vassily_Ivanchuk_caleta_2013-Intel Grand Prix London 1994

Grandmaster Magazine #12

The third stage, the Intel Grand Prix London 1994,  sees World Champion Garry Kasparov still looking for his first victory and an intriguing battle occurs in round 1 where he is paired with Chess Genius,  a computer program running on Intel’s fastest processor.

Vishy Anand amazes everybody with his incredible playing speed, obtaining a winning position in one game having played 35 moves in less than 5 minutes – compared to his opponent’s 15 minutes!

More About The Intel Grand Prix London 1994

GM Daniel King analyzes the games which are rich with tactical patterns, especially endgame tactics which every chess fan will benefit from seeing.

The Intel Grand Prix was a series of knockout rapidplay events played in 4 cities: Moscow, New York, London and Paris. This tournament features rising star Morozevich, the legendary Korchnoi and the Ukranian genius Vassily Ivanchuk producing some spellbinding chess.

The footage of the games, commentated by King and Maurice Ashley, brings all the tension and excitement of a brilliant event to your screen.