How to Evaluate Positions & Create Plans (Part 2)

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Foxy DVD Series – Vol 186

The development of middlegame skills is an important part of the chess improvement process. If you can look at a position, any position and assess it correctly, the chances are you will find a good move or plan and be able to advance towards victory. Soon this all-new Foxy video, this is exactly what IM and FIDE Senior Trainer Andrew Martin will try to help you to achieve.

A wide range of middlegame topics is covered, using games from the present day, many from the present year. You are invited in all cases to find a plan and assess the position at critical moments during these games.

This is a DVD where if you put the work in, you will get a lot out of it. Or take a more relaxed approach and just enjoy a fine selection of master games, easily and masterfully explained.

Run time: 2 hours 48 minutes

Part 2:

  • Opposite side Castling
  • Sacrificing to open enemy King
  • Pawn Storming
  • Clashing Plans
  • Short and Long Turn Planning
  • When to stop your opponents counter play before proceeding with your plan
  • Open Files looking for Targets and counter play
  • Benefits of Space – Better choices of plans, better piece placement, and better opportunity to launch tactics

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