The Grunfeld According to Peter Svidler

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Play The Grunfeld Defense Like Super-GM Peter Svidler

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The Grunfeld defense has fast become one of Black’s most popular choices when playing for a win thanks to its sharp nature and rich possibilities.

Played everywhere from club level to the World Championship, it is one of the best chess openings for black and one that repays its devotees with many memorable victories at the board.

In this superb 12 hour course, GM Peter Svidler, one of the strongest players in the world with a peak rating of 2769 and a Grunfeld Defense expert, gives you a complete repertoire for this defense.

After listening to Peter’s clear explanations of every mainline, sideline and anti-Grünfeld attempt, you will have a world-class understanding of the Grünfeld and a major advantage over your opponents.The Grunfeld According To Svidler – Gm Peter Svidler

About the Author:

Peter Svidler is a chess grandmaster from Russia and also and 8 times Russian chess champion.

GM Svidler has competed in three World Championship tournaments—in the period with the split title, the FIDE World Chess Championship 2002 and 2005, and after reunification the World Chess Championship 2007.

He also played in three Candidates Tournaments, in 2013, 2014 and 2016. Svidler assisted Vladimir Kramnik at the Classical World Championship matches in 2000 and 2004.

The eight-time Russian Champion has represented Russia at the Chess Olympiad ten times (1994-2010, 2014) winning five team gold medals, two team silvers, and an individual bronze.

GM Peter Svidler won the Chess World Cup 2011 and was runner-up in the World Blitz Championship in 2006 and won at Fontys Tilburg, Biel, and Gibraltar.

Is this course for me?

If you have been looking for a new system that will give you excellent chances of a win as Black, or you already play the Grunfeld Defense and want to enhance your knowledge then this is, without doubt, the course you need.

GM Peter Svidler has decided to give away all of his prep in the Grunfeld defense and, given that he’s the world’s leading specialist in the opening (ahead of Kasparov, Anand or anyone!), this is something to take notice of.

In “The Grunfeld according to Svidler”, Svidler gives you a step-by-step training course in this dynamic attacking chess opening for black.

With 12 hours of premium lessons, GM Svidler leaves you armed to the teeth with all the Grunfeld Defense theory, plans, tactics, and tricks. You can now be confident whenever an opponent dares to play 1.d4 against you!

Here are some highlights from the course:

GM Svidler shares his personal story of battling Kasparov, Anand, and Karpov in the same year, in the same Grunfeld Defense line (discover what he learned from it and why you should no longer fear the line they all chose against him!)

The pawn sacrifice that greedy white players always go for, but soon leaves them struggling in hot water (you’ll learn several structures where black gives a pawn for absolute positional domination!).

Why despite the Grunfeld being super dynamic and topical, there is actually very little memorization required these days (you’ll discover GM Svidler’s shortcut lines for cutting your learning in half, whilst still retaining all the attacking options).

So if you’re ready to take the fight to those 1.d4 players with a brand new and dynamic weapon, taught to you by the expert in the line, GM Svidler here is waiting for you!

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12 hours 14 minutes





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Chapter List


1. Introducing the Grünfeld
2. Complete Grünfeld sidelines: Part 1
3. Complete Grünfeld sidelines: Part 2
4. Complete Grünfeld sidelines: Part 3
5. Complete Grünfeld sidelines: Part 4
6. Early Grünfeld games
7. Grünfeld lines with g3: Part 1
8. Grünfeld lines with g3: Part 2
9. 4.Bf4 Grünfeld: Part 1
10. 4.Bf4 Grünfeld: Part 2
11. Grünfeld main lines with 5.Qb3: Part 1
12. Grünfeld main lines with 5.Qb3: Part 2
13. Grünfeld main lines with 5.Qb3: Part 3
14. Half a year in the life of a Grünfeld player
15. Grünfeld main lines with 8.Rb1: Part 1
16. Grünfeld main lines with 8.Rb1: Part 2
17. 4.Bg5 Grünfeld: Part 1
18.  4.Bg5 Grünfeld: Part 2
19. Grünfeld main lines with Be3: Part 1
20. Grünfeld main lines with Be3: Part 2
21. 3.f3 Grünfeld: Part 1
22.  3.f3 Grünfeld: Part 2
23. Grünfeld main lines with 7.Bc4: Part 1
24. Grünfeld main lines with 7.Bc4: Part 2
25. Complete Anti-Grünfeld – 1.c4: Part 1
26. Complete Anti-Grünfeld – 1.c4: Part 2
27. Complete Anti-Grünfeld – 1.Nf3: Part 1
28. Complete Anti-Grünfeld – 1.Nf3: Part 2
29. Wrap-up