Grivas Opening Laboratory: Volume 6

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Grivas Opening Laboratory: Volume 6
Grivas Opening Laboratory: Volume 6 Front Cover

Grandmaster Efstratios Grivas presents a full White chess opening repertoire for the club player based on 1.d4, analysed over seven volumes.

In the books, you will find many novelties for both sides, with a full move-to-move presentation. Furthermore, the reader will get access to middlegame strategies, endgame techniques, and common tactical motifs.

In the sixth volume, the chess openings of the Janowski Defence, the Orthodox Defence, the Cambridge Springs Defence, Various Slav Systems and the Tartakower Defence are presented.

The recommendations are geared towards posing Black unconventional problems. Your opponents will not be able to churn out lengthy, memorised variations but will need to solve problems at the board, in positions that are somewhat different in character from those normally reached in the openings under discussion.

Grivas has also selected systems within the repertoire in such a way that they form a seamless whole and are also reachable by transpositions.

In this book, you will find not only a concrete and well-structured, move-by-move presentation, but also chapters on the middlegame, the endgame, and typical tactics that arise, all of which will guide you to a deeper understanding of the opening repertoire.

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