Go for the Throat – Play 1.d4 – FM Kamil Plichta

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Go For The Throat - Play 1.d4 - Fm Kamil Plichta

Caution: this is a madman’s repertoire

FM Kamil Plichta turns on barbarian mode and shows us how to pick a fight.

FM Plichta is a well-known trainer and an active tournament player. He is also an absolute monster in blitz chess. Go For the Throat is his cutting-edge repertoire for uncompromising chess players.

Go For The Throat - Play 1.d4 - Fm Kamil Plichta


The lines that comprise Go For the Throat have been refined and sharpened over the past 10 years of him playing them himself in tournament play, with great success.

For this final version, he went the extra mile and found new and exciting ways to play his repertoire using his vast experience as an openings expert, combined with the strongest engines, to re-assess and weaponize his lines.


Make no mistake about it. Go For The Throat is not for the faint of heart. It is super sharp. But, it is also sound.

In almost every line he suggests White scores 60% of the wins or more. How is this possible? Because Plichta’s not afraid of playing risky chess.

Play actively. Play with imbalances. Most important: have fun!

If you’re tired of playing chess with small winning margins then this repertoire is your remedy. Of course, Black can objectively equalize. Plichta’s completely honest about his assessments. But, he gives ideas and plans for further play.

In practice, Black will face tremendous problems over the board against this repertoire. And, in the end, when the engines are turned off and it’s just two humans over the board facing each other it’s just about playing chess and whoever lands the final blow.

So, Go For the Throat: Play 1. d4 ! and be the chess barbarian you’ve always wanted to be.

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