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The 6.d3 Spanish according to Svidler – GM Peter Svidler

Peter Svidler is back! In this series, the 7-time Russian champion takes a deep look at the move 6.d3 in the Spanish (Ruy Lopez). The secrets of one of the hottest lines at top level are now available to everybody!

A personal look at Mikhail Tal’s games – GM Peter Svidler

Tal, nicknamed the “Magician from Riga,” was a gregarious and unworldly genius who overwhelmed his opponents with dazzling attacking chess. He made a strong impression on a young future Russian Champion: Peter Svidler.

The Grünfeld according to Svidler – GM Peter Svidler

The Grünfeld has fast become one of Black’s most popular choices when playing for a win thanks to its sharp nature and rich possibilities. Played everywhere from club level to the World Championship, it is a fascinating opening and one that repays its devotees with many memorable victories at the board.

Svidler’s Archangels – GM Peter Svidler

In this 4h 19m course, GM Peter Svidler guides you through all the possible variations White might steer towards including the quiet positional lines and the toe-to-toe, attack and counter-attack variations.

Peter Svidler | Best Games of 2017

Peter Svidler had a good 2017. He won his 8th Russian Championship and re-entered the Top 10. In this series, the supergrandmaster shows us his favourite games of the year 2017. Enjoy!
Up to you – learn something by studying the games in-depth or just binge-watch some great chess!

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