The English Opening – Tournament Player’s Bundle



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The English Opening – Tournament Player's Bundle

The English Opening – Tournament Player’s Bundle

The English Opening – Tournament Player's Bundle

Google’s AI AlphaZero loves the English Opening, finding it gives White the best chance of playing for a win.

And that’s against other chess engines – when you take into account most players only prepare for 1.d4 and 1.e4, you get an even bigger advantage!

Want a new opening, one that your opponents aren’t ready for, and one that gives you a better chance of winning?

Whether you are an English Opening player or not you will benefit greatly from this exclusive content meant to get a player ready to battle with this seemingly quiet but definitely deadly weapon!

It is a common occurrence that club players try to develop naturally against the English Opening and soon find themselves in a strategically lost position. They lose the game without even understanding why they lost.

The Video Encyclopedia of Chess Openings Vol#1 – The English Opening – GM Mihail Marin and GM Damian Lemos

The English Opening – Tournament Player's Bundle

GMs Mihail Marin and Damian Lemos are here to help you out.

We’ve taken 3.5 hours of premium coaching from our iChess Club exclusive Video Encyclopedia of Chess Openings vault and put them together in this cutting-edge course…

You’re getting 7 lessons.

In the first, GM Damian Lemos shows you the ideas behind the opening and teaches you how to treat the English Opening as a Reversed Sicilian (with an extra tempo!)

Then Mihail Marin (family friend of the Polgars and the guy Jeremy Silman described as “one of the world’s finest chess writers”) takes over, giving you the in-depth theory that is going to help you dominate your rivals this year.

Black can go for very different structures, depending on their 5th move choice. You need to know how to meet 5…Nf6, 5…e6, 5…d6 and 5…e5.

GM Marin identifies the weak points in each of these setups, pinpointing the move-orders that give Black the biggest problems.

Lemos Deep Dive The English Opening – GM Damian Lemos

The English Opening – Tournament Player's Bundle
Lemos Deep Dive vol 10 – The English Opening

With the world’s best players such as Aronian, Kramnik, and Karpov adopting this opening, you’re in an excellent company and can enjoy being a master of one of the most exciting options available to White.

In this comprehensive 8-hour Deep Dive course, GM Damian Lemos builds up your knowledge of this powerful opening weapon, demonstrating how to combat each of Black’s main variations in turn.

After covering all reasonable setups for Black, GM Lemos shows you how these ideas play out in practice through the analysis of instructive games, making sure you’re always ready with the strongest reply!

This is an excellent way to frustrate your rivals who have trusted responses to 1.d4 and 1.e4 but will find themselves clueless in the positions you will have mastered.

GM Lemos shows how the English Opening gives you excellent winning chances due to its complexities. It is a highly flexible, tricky, and strategic opening with which White can outplay opponents before they even realize what’s happening, confidently going on to win the full point.

The English Opening – Tournament Player's BundleEnglish Opening (1.c4) – IM Christof Sielecki

The English Opening is very popular at all levels. In this video series, International Master Christof Sielecki, well-known for his YouTube channel ‘Chessexplained’, teaches you a complete repertoire for White with 1.c4.

What will you learn?

– Build a complete opening repertoire for White
– Learn the plans and ideas of this opening
– Learn the theory of the most important variations

The English Opening – Tournament Player's Bundle

Practical English Complete System for White – IM Valeri Lilov

In this 6-hour course, IM Valeri Lilov uses his innovative approach based on understanding a very specific “beat sequences” and key plans to minimize preparation time.

Not only does this save you tons of time, but it will also make sure you understand the most important elements of the English Opening, allowing you to easily use it in your games. You will learn:

  • The most important essentials to keep in mind when playing with the English Opening
  • How to successfully handle the aggressive move sequences from your opponent and get an instant edge
  • A very powerful “piece domination: technique and how to use it to win games [a secret weapon #1]
  • The Grandmaster’s idea of a “self-supporting pawn structure” and how to utilize it to get ahead
  • What do you need to know about the Maraczy bind to paralyze your opponent [a secret weapon #2]
  • Very strong, yet easy to learn tactical sequences that you can use to win games even against a much stronger opponent

The English Opening – Tournament Player's Bundle

Ideas for Nimzo Indian Players vs 1.c4, then vs 1.Nf3 – IM David Vigorito

A clear explanation of a plan for black against both the English Opening and Reti Opening. David guides you into Nimzo-Indian type positions against these menacing Flank Openings.

Content: 46 minutes of instruction and analysis in a series of 2 lectures. PGN Included.

Recommended for: Beginning Players.

Users rated this series: 3.55 out of 5


The English Opening – Tournament Player's Bundle

Highly Instructive and Educational Games for the English Player – GM Roman Dzindzichashvili

Roman’s Lab DVD Series – Vol 93

In this course, Roman analyzes games that were played in the English Opening. This is a goldmine of highly instructional material about the various typical mistakes played by all levels of players. Roman demonstrates the way the English is supposed to be played, as an expert in this opening himself, and, with Rybka’s help analyzing these games, the material presented will increase your understanding of the English Opening resulting in much better play in your own games.


The English Opening – Tournament Player's BundleThe English Opening for the Average Player – IM Andrew Martin

Foxy DVD Series – Vol 92

International Master Andrew Martin takes you comprehensively through eleven English Opening games, many featuring world-class Grandmasters, teaching you how the opening works as he goes along.

The English Opening – Tournament Player's BundleDzindzi Anti-English Complete and Ambitious System for Black Against 1.c4 – GM Roman Dzindzichashvili

Roman’s Lab DVD Series – Vol 69

Roman gives you an easy to learn complete setup for Black to play against the English. Roman’s original Anti-English ideas and concepts are verified by Rybka and are only available on this course – useful to know both as Black, or as White so you can be prepared to face them. The minimum you will get out of this opening is equality with a plan that is unfamiliar to your opponent.

A Complete System for Black Against the English Opening – IM Bill Paschall

The English Opening – Tournament Player's Bundle

This course, aimed at Intermediate players, includes 115 minutes of chess theory and discussion, with example games, over a series of 4 lectures. he English Opening derives its name from the English (unofficial) World Champion, Howard Staunton (1843). The English has caught on in the twentieth century and is now recognized as a solid opening that may be used to reach both classical and hypermodern positions. Although many lines of the English have a distinct character, the opening is often used as a transpositional device in much the same way as 1.Nf3 – to avoid such highly regarded responses to 1.d4 as the Nimzo-Indian and Grunfeld defenses – and it’s considered reliable and flexible.

The English Opening – Tournament Player's BundleThe English Four Knights – IM David Vigorito

In this 142 minutes of instruction and analysis in a series of 7 lectures, IM David Vigorito covers the Four Knights variation of the English Opening, taking a look at ideas and strategies from both colors.