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Minor Piece Endgame Mastery with IM Andrey Ostrovsky

What this course will do for you:

  • Your endgame understanding will improve and you will convert and save many endgames you never thought possible.
  • That will lead to a big confidence boost and rating increase.
  • You won’t be afraid to go into an endgame, knowing that it’s your territory and you have the highest odds of success. Another important thing to keep in mind…

Another important thing to keep in mind…

If you understand the minor piece endgames, it’s not just your endgame that will improve. By learning how minor pieces work together on a higher level, you will also improve your middlegame and tactics as well.


CHAPTER 1 Understanding the knight
CHAPTER 2 Important positions
CHAPTER 3 Important positions II
CHAPTER 4 Practical ideas: Zugzwangs
CHAPTER 5 Practical ideas: Breakthrough
CHAPTER 6 Practical ideas: Knight Sacrifice
CHAPTER 7 Strategy: Coordination
CHAPTER 8 Strategy: Time & Space
CHAPTER 9 Strategy: Activity & Weaknesses
CHAPTER 10 Strategy: Outside passed pawn
CHAPTER 11 How to convert the extra pawn?
CHAPTER 12 Understanding the bishop
CHAPTER 13 Important positions
CHAPTER 14 Practical ideas to make a draw
CHAPTER 15 Practical ideas to win the game

Winning Endgames Strategies with GM Davorin Kuljasevic

What this course will do for you:

  • Give you a variety of concrete endgame techniques and special tools that you can use to win your endgames
  • Improve your endgame intuition and pattern recognition by looking at various examples throughout the course
  • Many club players are often not sure what to do in the endgame.

GM Kuljasevic shares his own endgame philosophy [aka master-plan] that helped him and many dozens of his students to win hundreds if not thousands of endgames.

If you master the endgame strategies you will get a strong competitive edge. Even if it was your weakness before, you will turn it into your strength and help winning many games and to gain rating points.


INTRO Winning Endgame Strategies
CHAPTER 1 Schematic Thinking I
CHAPTER 2 Schematic Thinking II
CHAPTER 3 Schematic Thinking III
CHAPTER 4 Exchanging pieces I
CHAPTER 5 Exchanging pieces II
CHAPTER 6 Exchanging pieces III
CHAPTER 7 Two weaknesses I
CHAPTER 8 Two weaknesses II
CHAPTER 9 Symmetrical positions I
CHAPTER 10 Symmetrical positions II
CHAPTER 11 Isolated pawn I
CHAPTER 12 Isolated pawn II
CHAPTER 13 Passed pawn
CHAPTER 14 Converting advantage I
CHAPTER 15 Converting advantage II

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