Empire Chess Collection (Volumes 1-10)

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The Empire Chess Series launched explosively in early 2013, revolutionizing chess DVDs throughout the world with a diverse group of popular Grandmasters, innovative topics, and extremely high-quality graphics and editing.

The first 10 volumes focus primarily on introducing comprehensive opening systems in each DVD, while further volumes of the Empire Chess Series will emphasize a different range of topics and courses. Although Volumes 1-10 are focused on opening systems, many of these chess videos will take you farther and deeper into the accompanying middlegame and endgame positions of these openings. Viewers will not only learn the ¨best¨ and ¨most accurate¨ move orders in the early opening, but will also be instructed on the reasons behind the moves in the opening.

Our extensive team of Grandmaster presenters have made a point to focus on a holistic approach to learning chess. Studying openings will increase your understanding of the game and improve your rating, but the material must be presented in a comprehensive manner with respect to other phases of the game.

In Volumes 1-10 of the Empire Chess DVD Series, viewers of all skill levels (Beginner, Club/Intermediate, and Advanced) can find DVDs that are relevant to their current rating. The star-studded cast of presenters includes Grandmasters Gregory Kaidanov, Sam Shankland, Leonid Kritz, Eugene Perelshteyn, Damien Lemos, and Michal Krasenkow.

iChess.NET is proud to present the Empire Chess Collection (Volumes 1-10) with over 25 Hours of Elite Grandmaster Content at a startling discount price of over 45% OFF!

This chess DVD series is different from the competition because our focus is NOT on presenting boring/well-known opening theory and basic concepts – rather our elite team of Grandmasters encourages understanding-based learning.

The Empire Chess DVD Series is GUARANTEED to make you a better player. By focusing on comprehensively improving the quality of your play in all stages of the game, your results and rating will SKYROCKET!


Volume 1: Dominate with the Slav Defense, Chameleon Variation – Presenter GM Leonid Kritz

This chess DVD will teach you about the main ideas and subtle sideline concepts of the Chameleon Variaton of the Slav Defense with an early 4. ..a6 – and is guaranteed to take your opening play to the next level. If you are looking to improve your results with black against 1. d4 with a sharp yet reliable defense, look no further!

Volume 2: Dominate White w/ the King’s Indian Defense 6. ..Na6 System – Presenter GM Eugene Perelshteyn

The King’s Indian Defense is alive and kicking, and one of this exciting chess opening’s leading proponents has produced an action-packed chess DVD to explain his battle-tested secrets in a relatively new sideline that starts with 6. …Na6. Grandmaster Perelshteyn’s presentation is remarkably entertaining, clear, and organized – focusing more on the reasons behind the moves than direct memorization of lines and move orders

Volume 3: Crushing White, The French Defense – Presenters GM Damien Lemos and NM Will Stewart

The French Defense is one of the most powerful weapons for black against 1. e4, based on an incredibly solid positional foundation that guarantees a minimum of fighting equality if not more for black from the opening. In this chess DVD, GM Damien Lemos shares his years of experience and intimate knowledge of the French Defense with the help of presenter Will Stewart. GM Lemos is one of the world`s leading experts on the French Defense and has effectively employed this chess opening at the higher levels for many years.

Volume 4: Crushing White, The Nimzo-Indian Defense – Presenters GM Damien Lemos and NM Will Stewart

The Nimzo-Indian Defense is an incredibly effective weapon for black against 1. d4, typically generating double-edged positions very early in the opening. This chess DVD will teach you the basic principles of the Nimzo-Indian Defense, placing special emphasis on recurring tactical and positional concepts in the opening and middlegame to ensure your preparation is complete.

Volume 5: Crushing White, The Bogo-Indian Defense – Presenters GM Damien Lemos and NM Will Stewart

The Bogo-Indian is a popular opening at the Grandmaster level however it is very uncommon at the beginner and intermediate levels because many of the positional concepts are advanced and difficult to grasp at first glance. This chess DVD is guaranteed to provide you with the deep, understanding-based learning you need to succeed in chess – emphasizing comprehension of the reasons behind the moves instead of memorization of lines.

Volume 6: Stomping the Sicilian Defense – Presenter GM Sam Shankland

GM Sam Shankland’s extensive experience with the Sicilian Defense at top levels, combined with the exceptional quality of his communication skills and presentation make this chess DVD really stand out from the rest. ¨Stomping the Sicilian Defense¨ is a 3 hour chess DVD that is guaranteed to improve your results with white against the Sicilian.

Volume 7: Winning King Pawn Openings for White – Presenter GM Gregory Kaidanov

Grandmaster Gregory Kaidanov covers the most popular opening positions in the history of chess that occur after 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 – exactly the type of position that appears very frequently in the games of beginners and intermediate players. GM Kaidanov covers all of white’s options on move 3 so that viewers will gain a complete understanding of this type of opening system. After watching this chess DVD, not only will you learn how to play such exciting and hyper aggressive openings as the Evans Gambit and Fried Liver attack, you will also learn many important middlegame concepts and become a better, more complete player.

Volume 8: The Psycho Sveshnikov – Presenter GM Michal Krasenkow

¨The Psycho Sveshnikov¨ prepares a comprehensive opening repertoire for viewers in just over 2.5 hours of action-packed footage. GM Krasenkow’s analysis and presentation of the Sicilian Sveshnikov positions are extremely clear and intended for players of intermediate and advanced levels. If you want to improve your opening play with black and start scoring some huge wins against 1. e4, ¨The Psycho Sveshnikov¨ is guaranteed to give you the tools you need to succeed.

Volume 9: Battling the Benko: The Fianchetto Variation – Presenter GM Damien Lemos

GM Damien Lemos dissects his preferred Fianchetto Variation for white against the Benko Gambit, explaining the subtle tactical nuances and positional intricacies that have granted him numerous impressive victories at the Grandmaster level. Viewers are guaranteed to walk away from this DVD with not only a greater understanding of how to beat the Benko Gambit, but a greater understanding of positional chess in general.

Volume 10: Battle with the Berlin Defense – Presenter GM Leonid Kritz

GM Kritz explains how black can easily achieve strong equality early in the opening – and if white does not play the best moves, it is black who will be fighting to win the endgame thanks to the advantage of the two bishops! This chess DVD is designed for intermediate and advanced players and will teach you the basic fundamentals, critical lines, and deep positional understanding of the Berlin Defense and how to fight for the win with black against the Ruy Lopez.