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Good positional understanding is one of the main criteria separating masters from club players. Everyone knows how to study tactics, openings, and endgames. But, when it comes to something more sophisticated like positional understanding – majority of players simply don’t know where to start.

And I can’t blame them…

There isn’t much material available on positional chess for beginners and club players. There are books and videos suitable just for the advanced players. But there is next to nothing for beginners covering positional chess as if this topic isn’t important!

Not learning positional fundamentals stagnates your development as a chess player and won’t let you utilize full potential.

A sports car with deflated tires won’t run very fast. Changing oil and gas grade won’t do the trick. What you need is to simply inflate the tires. This is the simplest and yet most effective solution! Same happens to a chess player with a lack of positional understanding. His tactics and endgame skills may be there, but if he doesn’t know WHAT to do in the position he will soon be lost.

Trust me, if you simply learn the fundamentals of positional chess early on, your progress will skyrocket.

And we are here to help you with that!

We understand that you don’t have months to study positional nuances and wait for more months before you can apply the knowledge to see the results. This course is not magic; it is a highly structured training covering 15 most important positional elements that every chess player must know. You won’t wake up a positional expert overnight, but thanks to IM Castellanos’ decade of experience, you will get an unparalleled edge against your competition.

By digesting the ideas presented in the course, and going through the practical section you will learn everything a strong player needs to know while saving tons of time. You will also avoid many common mistakes that club players make when it comes to positional chess.

If you are a beginner or a club player, that values his time and wants to see RESULTS, this is a must-have chess course!


  • Comprehensive Positional Course for Club Players [8.5+ hours]: Instant download of 8.5+ hour positional course for club players. It is a highly structured training covering 15 most important positional elements that every chess player must know. You won’t wake up a positional expert overnight, but thanks to IM Castellanos’ decade of experience, you will get an unparalleled edge against your competition.
  • Access to Supplementary Materials: Get access to special resources such as practicum and training exercises to reinforce concepts presented in the course.
  • Download PGNs of All Examples From The Video: Download examples covered in the video course in PGN notation format, so that you can analyze it at your convenience.


-Karpov’s very powerful idea for exploiting the weak squares to gain full control of the position.
-How to use the minority attack to blast open the opponent’s position while winning material in the process.
-Capablanca’s signature technique for gaining space and converting it into a permanent advantage.
-Carlsen’s strategy for exploiting the doubled pawns and structuring the game plan around those weaknesses.
-Number 1 rule to follow for getting an initiative in opposite color bishop Middlegame.
-How to decide what pieces to trade and what pieces to save [a master’s method]?
-And much more!


CHAPTER 1 – Isolated Queen’s Pawn – Part I
CHAPTER 2 – Isolated Queen’s Pawn – Part II
CHAPTER 3 – Hanging Pawns – Part I
CHAPTER 4 – Hanging Pawns – Part II
CHAPTER 5 – Backward Pawn
CHAPTER 6 – Doubled Pawns – Part I
CHAPTER 7 – Doubled Pawns – Part II
CHAPTER 8 – Queenside Majority
CHAPTER 9 – Minority Attack
CHAPTER 10 – Exploiting the Weak Squares
CHAPTER 11 – Creating Weaknesses
CHAPTER 12 – The Space Advantage
CHAPTER 13 – The Open File
CHAPTER 14 – The Bishop Pair – Part I
CHAPTER 15 – The Bishop Pair – Part II
CHAPTER 16 – Opposite Color Bishops
CHAPTER 17 – The Exchange Sacrifice
CHAPTER 18 – The Exchange of Pieces
CHAPTER 19 – Bishop vs. Knight

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