The Complete Caro-Kann with IM Milovan Ratkovic

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The Complete Caro-Kann with IM Milovan Ratkovic

The Complete Caro-kann With Im Milovan Ratkovic

The Complete Caro-kann With Im Milovan Ratkovic

This is a 10-hour training from IM Milovan Ratkovic… a master-level Caro-Kann repertoire that builds up from general strategies to cutting-edge novelties. Want to get better positions out of the opening and know exactly what to do in the resulting middlegames? This course is for you!
Perhaps you’re not getting the kind of positions you like or you just feel it’s time to really master an opening and get the edge every time you play it.
Super-coach IM Milovan Ratkovic is ready to reveal to you his whole Master-Level Caro-Kann repertoire, going all the way from general comprehension of the opening to cutting-edge novelties you will be able to implement in your games.
This enables you to tackle 1.e4 once and for all!

The Complete Caro-kann With Im Milovan Ratkovic

About the Author:

IM Milovan Ratkovic has a wide experience as a chess coach and a player – this can be seen in his resume which includes diverse accolades such as being Serbian Junior Champion. Some of his top students have been able to reach 2400 Elo! IM Ratkovic is an active tournament player and one of his near-future goals is obtaining the Grandmaster title.

His dedication to the game and eagerness to share his knowledge makes him one of the best chess coaches out there.

How is this course going to help me?

The Complete Caro-kann With Im Milovan RatkovicWhy play the Caro-Kann at all?

  • It’s an ideas-based opening – no need to memorize 600 pages of theory.
  • Your opponents hate facing it. Play it properly and it’s very hard for White to get anything going.
  • You get easy development – unlike the French where the light-squared bishop gets caged in.
  • You get active positions (this is contrary to what many people think. If you end up with a passive position, you went wrong somewhere!)
  • It’s flexible. Don’t worry about your opponents preparing for you. You can switch things up in a number of ways, including castling on either side!

Caro-Kann expert IM Ratkovic gets you up to speed in just 10 hours:

-Principled. Understand the big ideas in the Caro-Kann, how the pawn structure affects both sides’ plans, and you will always know what you should be doing.
-Comprehensive. IM Ratkovic gives his tried and tested recommendations for every variation, from the classical 3.Nc3 to the Fantasy variation (3.f3!?) Correct strategy + killer ideas = quick wins.
-Aggressive. Generate attacks in every situation with Milovan’s middlegame attacks. Discover how to use White’s plans against them and get dominant free-flowing attacks like this one (diagram).

Make sure you’re ready for the new chess season with a master-level opening that you know inside out.

This course is everything you need to master the Caro-Kann, even if you’ve never played it before.

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10 hours

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Chapter list:

  • Introduction to Complete Caro-Kann
  • Classical Variation
  • Advance Variation
  • Exchange Variation
  • Panov Attack
  • Accelerated Panov Attack
  • Two Knights Variation
  • Maroczy Variation
  • Other Variations