Club Player’s Manifesto 2K – GM Damian Lemos

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Club Player’s Manifesto 2K – GM Damian Lemos

Club Player's Manifesto 2k - Gm Damian LemosAre you ready to finally smash that 2000 FIDE barrier with GM Damian Lemos chess training program?

After “how can I get better at chess”, the next most-heard question is “what do I have to do to hit 2000 FIDE?”

Only 5% of serious (rated) chess players ever reach the 2k level. It’s a major accomplishment, one that places you in the most-respected group of players.

Not everyone has the huge amount of spare time required to hit IM or GM-level, but GM Lemos firmly believes ANY reasonably smart, ambitious person can reach 2000 FIDE… with the right chess training.

The 12-hour Club Player’s Manifesto 2k is all about developing the skills and understanding needed to find strong moves in any position.

About the Author:

Damian Lemos is a grandmaster from Argentina with a peak rating of 2559 Elo.
In his lessons, Damian works closely with students to first identify the flaws and weaknesses in their games so that they can be properly evaluated and corrected.
By developing specifically-tailored chess training regimens for every one of his students, Grandmaster Lemos is able to achieve results that other chess coaches dream of.

Satisfied Customers

“This course is great! Suited for advanced players who want to elevate their chess knowledge to the next level. Much more, the use of real chess board by GM Lemos makes this course more appealing.” – Mario L. (verified buyer) – 09 Sep 2020

“This is a really great learning experience in a slightly different format. It works! You focus on the most instructive part of the game as the lesson and then you can look at the whole game in the pdf file at your leisure. Damian is the very best trainer.” – Cyril F. (verified buyer) – 09 Jun 2020

How is this course going to help me?

With GM Lemos, you’ll analyze 50 of the most instructive games from grandmaster chess… each one teaching something new in 1 of 7 categories:

  • Club Player's Manifesto 2k - Gm Damian LemosThought Process & Calculation

Thinking outside of the box: take a look at this position. White is loading up against e6 (and f7), ready to play f5 and Ne4-d6. What do you do? Play …Re8 and …Nf8 to protect e6? Seems sensible… what about playing …f6? Blunder? No – it leads to a crushing attack for Black!

  • Evaluation & Strategy
  • Forcing Moves

Making moves work. Forcing moves, the initiative, attacking play, sacrifices… we want to force issues, to take control… but know you can’t just play something aggressive and ‘hope’ it works. We examine WHY these moves work, using elite level examples

  • Sacrifices & Navigating Chaos

GM Lemos always teaches “Trust your position. Believe there is a resource.” He’ll also give you step-by-step processes to find winning/saving moves.

  • Pattern Recognition Creates Intuition 

Going over several exercises with the same pattern will help you develop your intuition whenever the pattern is present in your tournament play.

  • Prophylaxis = Control
  • The Squeeze – Converting Advantages

What makes this course different from all the rest?

Club Player's Manifesto 2k - Gm Damian Lemos

The whole aim of the course is to not only to massively upgrade your ability to find the right moves but to make this decision-making second-nature… even in complex positions. Intuition navigates chaos.

That’s when your whole game really changes and you make a quantum leap in your play.

“Don’t worry about your rating. Focus on learning and your rating will take care of itself.” – Dan Heisman.

The new Club Player’s Manifesto 2k is a complete chess training program for the serious chess fan. Study it and you WILL hit 2000 FIDE… and probably go far beyond it too.

But it won’t happen overnight.

You will have good results and feel unbeatable… only to lose 3 in a row and think you’re going nowhere.

It takes time to integrate new knowledge… but not as much as you might think.

In fact, a 1400 player could reach 2000 FIDE by the end of the year – IF they commit to the material fully.

Are you ready to make this happen?

This 12-hour course doesn’t teach openings… it doesn’t teach endgames… take these lessons with GM Lemos and you will be learning chess.

How to think in different situations, how to balance tactics and strategy, advanced calculation, maneuvering, prophylaxis – everything you always wanted to know but were too afraid to ask.

You might never be a GM, it requires hours of daily study plus success in international tournaments. But you CAN go beyond 2000 FIDE – and this course will get you there fast.

Get your copy right now!

*Note: This course has streaming available. We strongly recommend streaming the videos (available after purchase) to enjoy the course in high-definition. Download size is approximately 11GB.

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Content Outline

Chapter List

Chapter 1 – Evaluation & Strategy

  • Example 1: Kasparov – Gelfand
  • Example 2: Naiditsch – Korchnoi
  • Example 3: Malakov – Wang Hao
  • Example 4: Karpov – Xie Jun
  • Example 5: Grygorian – Vaganian
  • Example 6: Karpov – Unzicker
  • Example 7: Christiansen – Hodgson
  • Example 8: Lutz – Kasparov
  • Example 9: Morozevich – Svidler
  • Example 10: Lemos – Cuartas
  • Example 11: Beliavsky – Nunn
  • Example 12: Rapport – Carlsen
  • Example 13: Gheorghiu – Kasparov
  • Example 14: Short – Timman

Chapter 2 – Thought Process & Calculation

  • Example 1: Landa – Ibragimov
  • Example 2: Korchnoi – Ibragimov
  • Example 3: Adianto – Gunawan
  • Example 4: Grigorian – Kasparov
  • Example 5: Adams – Lemos
  • Example 6: Slipak – Lemos
  • Example 7: Lemos – Paehtz
  • Example 8: Lemos – Andreikin
  • Example 9: Napoli – Lemos
  • Example 10: Lemos – French
  • Example 11: Tiviakov – Lemos
  • Example 12: Lemos – Dos Santos

Chapter 3 – Forcing Moves Force Wins

  • Example 1: Wei Yi – Haast
  • Example 2: Klasups – Tal
  • Example 3: Muzychuk – Mikadze
  • Example 4: Pikula – Savic

Chapter 4 – Sacrifices & Navigating Chaos

  • Example 1: Yemelin – Nepomniashchy
  • Example 2: Flores – Radjabov
  • Example 3: Kramnik – Aronian
  • Example 4: Lemos – Vernay

Chapter 5 – Pattern Recognition Creates Intuition

  • Example 1: Kramnik – Malaniuk
  • Example 2: Flohr – Fine
  • Example 3: Peng – Motylev
  • Example 4: Dzagnidze – Adams

Chapter 6 – Prophylaxis = Control

  • Example 1: Carlsen – Ding Liren
  • Example 2: Reinderman – Luther
  • Example 3: Tcebekov – Varavin

Chapter 7 – The Squeeze – Converting Advantages

  • Example 1: Kasimdzhanov – Grischuk
  • Example 2: Bu – Xu
  • Example 3: Malajov – Moiseenko
  • Example 4: Gunawan – Sokolov
  • Example 5: Kasparov – Timman
  • Example 6: Cifuentes – Rivas
  • Example 7: Moiseenko – Morozevich

Bonus: Q&A Session