Expert Strategy in the Endgame – GM Rustam Kasimdzhanov

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favourite Akiba RubinsteinGrandmaster Rustam Kasimdzhanov delves into some of his own games to reveal the secrets of endgame strategy, a topic he describes as “rarely discussed but very important for a tournament player”.

Understanding the possibilities available when there are only a few pieces on the board gives an insight into the true nature of chess positions – one of the reasons why players like Capablanca and Karpov always recommended studying the endgame first.

Former FIDE World Champion Rustam Kasimdzhanov looks at the hidden strategies and tactics available in Rook endgames, Rook minor piece and Rook v 2 minor piece endgames, ensuring your understanding of both planning and the power of the pieces reaches new heights.

A highly recommended course for anyone with serious ambitions in chess.


1. Introduction to “Expert strategy in the endgame”
2. Kasimdzhanov-Beliavsky – Part 1
3. Kasimdzhanov-Beliavsky – Part 2
4. Kasimdzhanov-Beliavsky – Part 3
5. Kasimdzhanov-Grischuk – Part 1
6. Kasimdzhanov-Grischuk – Part 2
7. Kasimdzhanov-Grischuk – Part 3
8. Minor pieces vs. rook – Part 1
9. Minor pieces vs. rook – Part 2
10. Minor pieces vs. rook – Part 3

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