GM Mesgen Amanov – Chess Lessons – Volume 3

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GM Mesgen Amanov – Chess Lessons (Volume 3)

In this course you will learn how to approach studying chess in the most effective way.

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First of all, you have to make time for chess. Understanding how much time is needed to study chess really depends on your goals.

If you take Grandmasters who play chess for a living – they will study chess between 6 and 8 hours per day. If your rating is around 2000 you should study between 1.5 and 2.5 hours per day to get to the next level, which is 2200.

If your rating is around 1500 you should study 1 hour a day so you can look forward to get to the next level of around 1800. And finally if you are 1200, it would be nice to spend 30 minutes per day, so you can get to the 1500 level.

What material should you study? High quality books are always a good option. You should set up a real chess board and analyze Grandmaster games or solve puzzles on the board.

Watching video lessons is always good too, but only if you watch credible chess instructors. Watching random youtube videos won’t help you, that is all just for fun. Watching online streaming where someone is playing blitz won’t be of much help to you either.

When you study chess you have to think deep. And that is what GM Mesgen Amanov is here to teach you.

About the Author

Mesgen Amanov is a chess grandmaster from Turkmenistan. He is currently the highest-rated player in his country and so far he has represented Turkmenistan in 4 Chess Olympiads.

Grandmaster Mesgen Amanov has been a professional chess player and coach for more than 12 years.

Over that time, he has been able to help hundreds of students significantly improve their chess. Many of them have been able to move from chess beginners to experts and masters.

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In these video lessons GM Mesgen Amanov helps you to work hard by asking you questions and giving time to answer.

Also, he always uses his interactive method: when the pause sign pops up you have to pause and think. Hard work always gives the best results and that is what he wants you to do.

As usual in Amanov’s courses, you will get 5 lessons. All lessons are recorded to simulate a private lesson experience.

He asks you questions, gives you time to think, tell you when to pause the video, you think about the position and then you resume the lesson.

Finally he goes over the variations and explains what is the best option.

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