Volume 7 – Learn The Opening The Easy Way, The Colle-zukertort System

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Chess Openings for White: The Colle System with GM Susan Polgar

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On this DVD about chess openings for white, GM Susan Polgar will teach you an exciting and dynamic, easy-to-learn opening system for white – the Colle System, also known as The Colle-Zukertort System.

Susan brings you 20 years of her own experience to this opening which is perfect for the chess players who only want to spend 1/10 the time it normally takes to master an opening.

If you are looking to avoid well known deeply analyzed main theoretical openings lines and want to win games in and out of the opening the Colle-Zukertort System is for you.

The Colle System is ideal for people who do not want to lose a game on move 8 because their memory failed them while, at the same time, allowing White to gain a significant advantage if Black does not respond appropriately.

The main move order in which the Colle System comes to the board is after 1.d4 Nf6 2.Nf3 d5 3.e3, this third move from White already shows his intentions of playing The The Colle-Zukertort System.

About the Author:

Volume 7 – Learn The Opening The Easy Way, The Colle-zukertort System
GM Susan Polgar

Grandmaster Susan Polgar is a Hungarian-American chess player, and one of the strongest female players of all time. Her highest rating is 2577 Elo and she was the Women’s World Chess Champion from 1996 until 1999.

Polgar made history back in 1986 by becoming the first ever female player to qualify to compete in the World Chess Championship.

Other achievements:

  • 4-time Women’s World Champion.
  • 5-time Olympic Champion (5 Gold, 4 Silver, 1 Bronze).
  • Only World Triple Crown Winner (World Blitz, Rapid, and Classical Women’s World Champion).
  • 2003 Grandmaster of the Year and US Open Blitz Champion.
  • Award-Winning and Best-Selling Author.
  • Founder of the non-profit Susan Polgar Foundation, promoting chess for young people.

Is this course for me?

The Colle System is one of the most flexible chess openings for white, you pretty much play it against anything that black uses to respond and not come out worse after the opening stage.

In this course, GM Susan Polgar, one of the best female players of all chess history, will show you how to deal with pet defenses Black can throw your way, that way you’ll be fully prepared and there’s no way your opponents will be able to surprise you.

The good news is that you don’t have to learn all the special solutions to face any of the pet defenses that black can employ all at one time. You can learn the mainline of the Colle-Zukertort System in literally 15 minutes and safely play it against practically anything.

Volume 7 – Learn The Opening The Easy Way, The Colle-zukertort SystemThis chess opening is good because White can decide how to proceed in the game. White can either attack on the kingside, or can choose to open up the center and create an attack there.

The Colle opens with 1. d4 d5 2. Nf3 e6 3. e3 Nf6 4. Bd3. Black has a number of responses here, but in this Chess course for beginners, Susan Polgar concentrates on the main move 4…c5 which White is always going to respong with 5.b3, the The Colle-Zukertort System.

The Zukertort System is where White plays b3 and fianchettoes the queen-side bishop.

After going over the basic ideas of the opening, a typical game is analysed between Maroczy and Blake, to help you see the ideas in action and better understand them so you can use them in your own games.

Originally Produced by Paul Azzurro | © ChessDVDs

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