The Chess Murder Mystery



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Grandmaster Magazine #1Suba_Mihai-The Chess Murder Mystery

The Grandmaster Magazine brings together footage and analysis of the greatest games, players and events in the chess world.

The Chess Murder Mystery, features the winner of the brilliancy prize from the British Championships 1990 and the details of a fascinating murder case which police needed the help of a Grandmaster to solve.

More About The Chess Murder Mystery

The featured game is played between GM Chris Ward and GM Mihai Suba. White produces a new move to put his opponent under some serious pressure in a Nimzo-Indian line GM Suba had played to great effect against Garry Kasparov.

With tension at the maximum, an incredible sacrifice completely changes the nature of the game, providing the viewer with an instructive lesson on swapping material for initiative.

The footage of “The Chess Murder Mystery” includes the move-by-move thoughts of both players in an innovative recording style, as well as further explanations from British GM David Norwood.

This is followed by GM Raymond Keene explaining his pivotal role in the solving of a murder mystery where the only clues were chess positions – surely a unique occurrence.