Chess King’s Guide to Opening Ideas – ALL 3 VOLUMES (Physical Discs)



Chess King’s Guide to Opening Ideas: No chess player likes to be surprised in the opening by an unfamiliar move. The trick is not to memorize moves but to learn and understand opening ideas.

Chess King’s Opening Ideas DVD Course is the quickest way to learn the ideas behind the major chess openings. You’ll learn the plans and goals for both players in dozens of openings by watching the moves and listening to their explanations.

Volume 1: Open Games 1.e4 e5. King’s Gambit, Italian, Evans, Scotch, Two Knight’s, Philidor, Petroff, Ruy Lopez, Marshall and many more. 32 chapters.

Volume 2: Semi-Open Games 1. e4 others. French, Caro-Kann, Pirc, Scandinaviam Alekhine, Sicilian defense (Dragon, Sveshnikov, Najdorf, Closed, Alapin, Smith-Morra), etc. 28 chapters.

Volume 3: Closed Games 1.d4 or 1.Nf3. Queen’s Gambit, Reti, Benko, Grünfeld, Dutch, Slav, English Opening and several Indian Defenses (Bogo-Indian, Nimzo-Indian, King’s Indian). 33 chapters.

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