Chess Assistant 14 MEGA Package w/ Houdini 4 PRO (Physical Disc)



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Chess Assistant 14 MEGA Package with Houdini 4 PRO combines all tools and features provided by Chess Assistant 14 Pro with Gold Nalimov Tablebases, 100 Gb in total on 12 DVDs of double density.

The Mega Package includes:

• The best chess engine – Houdini 4 PRO UCI
• Chess Opening Encyclopedia 2014
• A powerful search system
• A unique Tree mode
• Databases of 5.6 million games in total (as of November 1, 2013)
• Premium Game Service 2014 (3000 new games each week by Internet)
• Twelve months of free access (1 Year membership) at ChessOK Playing Zone
• ChessOK Aquarium 2014 interface with advanced analysis functions (that you can connect to the Houdini 4 Pro engine).
• Gold Nalimov Tablebases – the most complete collection of Nalimov tablebases on 12 DVDs

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English, Spanish, German, French and Italian.