The Caro-Kann – FM Lukas Winterberg

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The Caro-Kann Defence is sometimes considered solid, drawish and a bit dull, but in this video series FM Lukas Winterberg, aka Shelling Ford, shows that it can lead to surprisingly sharp positions. Black can play the Caro-Kann for a win! These videos and the accompanying eBook contain a complete repertoire from Black’s perspective and cover all main and sidelines.


Learn a complete repertoire to play the Caro-Kann as Black.

Additional information about the video

Lukas briefly introduces himself and his video series.


  1. Introduction
  2. Why Caro-Kann?
  3. Sidelines without 2.d4
  4. White plays 2. c4 | Part 1
  5. White plays 2.c4 | Part 2
  6. White takes on d5
  7. Panov Attack
  8. Two Knights Variation | Part 1
  9. Two Knights Variation | Part 2
  10. Fantasy Variation
  11. Advance Variation: Sidelines
  12. Advance Variation: 4.h4
  13. Advance Variation: 4.Nc3 | Part 1
  14. Advance Variation: 4.Nc3 | Part 2
  15. Short Variation: Sidelines
  16. Short Variation: 7.c3 and 7.Na3
  17. Short Variation: 7.dxc5
  18. Short Variation: 7.c4
  19. 3.Nd2: Sidelines | Part 1
  20. 3.Nd2: Sidelines | Part 2
  21. 3.Nd2: Sidelines | Part 3
  22. 3.Nd2: Main line | 11.Bf4
  23. 3.Nd2: Main line | 11.Bd2
  24. Outro

Additional information

Running Time

05:14:15 h




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