The Camaratta Signature Master Chess Table


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The Camaratta Signature Master Chess Table

A handsome wooden game table, perfectly proportioned, which was designed by chess players with a serious competitor in mind. The table is transitional in design and will blend with almost any decor.

The Camaratta Signature Master Chess Table
The Camaratta Signature Master Chess Table

Special care has been taken to design a stable game table with the perfect proportions for Chess. There is room for a chess clock, score pad, captured chessmen, and your favorite beverage.

No other chess table currently on the market is designed to provide the space needed to actually play a serious game of chess!

The table was designed to accommodate tournament-sized Staunton chessmen with King heights between 3.625″ and 4.4″.

The square size of 2.375″ inches was specifically chosen to allow it to work well with virtually all sets of chess pieces, from tournament-sized (3.75″) to club-sized (4.4″).

The Camaratta Signature Master Chess Table 8
The Camaratta Signature Master Chess Table


The table is crafted from the finest Mahogany and stands 30″ tall with a playing surface measuring 34″ long with 28″ between the players.

The playing field is 19″ square. The top features 2-3/8″ squares of Rosewood and Curly Maple.

There is a single drawer, 15″ long and 2″ deep, for storage of the chessmen as well as other items.

The Camaratta Signature Master Chess Table 5
The Camaratta Signature Master Chess Table – Top View


  • White Squares: Curly Maple
  • Dark Squares: Rosewood
  • Frame: Mahogany
  • Logo: Both the House of Staunton and Camaratta Signature Logos are stamped inside the drawer, to denote this as a House of Staunton-product without detracting from its aesthetic beauty.

Some Assembly Required – No Additional Tools Needed.

About Frank Camaratta

Frank Camaratta, the Maestro, has been involved in the World of Chess for over 60 years.

Initially a player, having achieved the rank of International Master, Frank broadened his horizons, involving himself in chess promotion & governance, chess collecting and chess design research.

Frank Camaratta image
Frank Camaratta image

He also has produced several chess-related patents, the most significant of which is Time Delay.

Frank is today considered the foremost authority of Jaques and other Staunton and pre-Staunton chessmen, having written numerous articles on the subject.

Mr. Camaratta founded The House of Staunton in 1990, primarily collecting and dealing in antique chess equipment. It was during that period that inspiration struck to instill Old world craftsmanship and pride into present-day chessmen.

In pursuit of that goal, Frank retired from his position as an Engineering Director on the Space Shuttle Program in 1998 to devote full time to making his vision a reality, which he did after spending years of research and study into Staunton and pre-Staunton designs.

The House of Staunton has emerged as the World’s leading producer of Pre-Staunton and Staunton chessmen, as well as numerous artistically-inspired sets, which are unmatched in design, accuracy and craftsmanship.

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The House of Staunton

Board Finish



Mahogany, Maple, Rosewood

Available in Square Sizes

2.375'' inch / 6.0 cm

Square Size

2.375'' inch / 6.0 cm

Chess Board Footprint

19" x 19"