Calculation and Initiative with FM Yuriy Krykun

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It’s no secret that calculation is one of the most important skills you can master.

Most club players realize that… and spend TONs of time on solving tactics.

And that’s great, but they are missing the most important ingredient…

How to use calculation in real games?

You see, even if you can find those “mates-in-2” it doesn’t mean you’ll find that winning sequence in your next game.

All club players can solve “training puzzles“, but in their games, they suddenly miss much simpler tactics!

Sounds familiar?

In this course, FM Yuriy Krykun reveals how 2400 rated players build their calculation skillset and most importantly how to effectively use this new skill in your games.

It is a missing link between ‘training puzzles‘ and ‘real games‘.

Your ability to get the initiative and control the game greatly depends on your calculation skills. At the same time, the calculation is much more effective if you go for positions with the initiative. That’s why this course combines both elements together to arm you with the ‘Calculation + Gaining Initiative’ skillset.

It is a hands-on course, meaning you’ll need to actively “interact” with the training, stop the video, think about the position, and follow the hints.

And if you do, these 4-hours could lead to the best return on the time investment you’ve EVER experienced in chess!

Calculation and Initiative with FM Yuriy Krykun
Calculation and Initiative with FM Yuriy Krykun

You will learn:

  • The calculation technique that ALL top players ‘subconsciously’ use and so will you!
  • Searching for the most forcing moves in the position [FM Krykun has set up a simple process for you to use!]
  • How to take advantage of the move order in a tactical sequence [non-capturing replies and in-between moves]
  • Common psychological traps and the best ways to avoid them
  • Visualization and quality of decisions [short, but very important chapter]
  • How to develop the initiative in simple positions [dynamic moves algorithm]
  • Spotting the critical moment in the game and acing ‘short-calculation’

Improve your calculation and learn to use it in your games… and you’re on your way to the next rating bracket.

About the Author:

yuriy krykun
FM Yuriy Krykun

FM Yuriy Krykun (2382 Elo)

is a Ukrainian FIDE master and member of the National Team with an Elo of 2372 and an IM norm. He has played in many National and International tournaments, winning over 10 medals. Bronze medal winner in European U18 Championship. Full-time chess player, coach, and author of multiple publications.

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