Calculation with Dvoretsky – IM Mark Dvoretsky and GM Jan Gustafsson

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IM Mark Dvoretsky and GM Jan Gustafsson Calculation with Dvoretsky - iChessWorld-renowned coach Mark Dvoretsky is back to help us tackle another topic that’s fundamental to chess success: Calculation. Using countless high-level examples and exercises, Mark makes us all that little bit sharper.

What will you learn?

To understand what to calculate
To become better at calculation
To learn some techniques that help us find the best moves


  1. Introduction to Calculation
  2. Counter chances | Part 1
  3. Counter chances | Part 2
  4. Candidate moves | Part 1
  5. Candidate moves | Part 2
  6. Prophylaxis | Part 1
  7. Prophylaxis | Part 2

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3 hours




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