Bulletproof Bb2 Queenside Fianchetto Openings Bundle



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So you are already tired of all the tons of forced opening lines your opponents uncork time after time on each of your recent tournament experiences?

Well sit back and enjoy as I present you with your new weapon that will revolutionize your White pieces repertoire! Push your b pawn to the third rank, play your Bishop to the b2 square and… let’s play chess!

This opening will be like a breeze of fresh air that will propel your chess understanding right to the next level.

So let’s see what this bundle is all about:

Master 1.b3! – GM Damian Lemos


1.b3 might just be the most under-rated first move in chess.

You already know it’s solid and flexible… but I’m here to tell you that 1.b3 (aka Larsen’s Opening) can also be a stone-cold killer.

This quiet little pawn move hides a ton of trickery and dangerous ideas… it allows White to be flexible and sets up some far from obvious opening traps for Black.

Learn How to Play the 1.b3 System (Nimzo-Larsen Attack)

b3 secret weaponFM Yuriy Krykun teaches the entire 1.b3 system he uses himself in order to avoid theory and stack up massive winning margins as White in tournaments.

FM Krykun recommends opening systems, rather than highly full theoretical repertoires.

This is because when you’re busy, playing easy-to-learn systems will make your chess journey much more likely to be successful.

This is an opening system starting with 1.b3!? which Ukrainian FM Yuriy Krykun calls his “secret weapon” and has resulted in the 21-year-old skyrocketing his rating to 2370 Elo.

It seems that nobody knows what to do against this system.

1.b3 Bash by IM Levy Rozman – Your Secret Weapon for the Opening

1.b3 Bash – Your Secret Weapon For The Opening

This chess course by IM Levy Rozman gives you a complete repertoire based on 1.b3. You are going to get an advantage by surprising your opponents, playing positions that only you’re familiar with, and your opponents are not.

Chess openings theory says that you should occupy the center from move one — 1.e4 and 1.d4 are the only real choices.

Many Masters and even Grandmasters blindly repeat this mantra.

But there are also creative, “out of the box” thinkers out there…

Sometimes they play ‘weird’ chess that leaves the “pawns in the center” guy scratching his head in confusion.

And when a GM is crushed by their ‘weird’ chess…FINALLY we notice.

IM Levy RozmanIM Levi Rozman plays ‘weird’ chess and wins a lot.

One of his pet openings is the eccentric Larsen’s Opening (or Nimzo-Larsen Attack) – where instead of occupying the center, white simple plays 1.b3 on move one.

The idea is to allow black to setup his center first…

…so we can then DESTROY it from a distance!

Such an approach has yielded stunning results for not only IM Rozman, but also GMs like Barboza, Nakamura, Jobava, and even Carlsen himself.

In 1.b3 Bash by IM Levy Rozman – Your Secret Weapon, IM Rozman will teach you this “weird”, winning chess opening!

Larsen’s Deadly Weapon Repertoire – Im Andrew Martin

Foxy DVD Series – Vol 70

Danish GM Bent Larsen’s play was always highly original and creative. He was one of the modern exponents of 1 b3, a system that often either transposed or had a great similarity to some of the Bird’s Opening systems. Join IM Andrew Martin as he looks at this offbeat but dangerous opening.


Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Provocation
Part 3: Pawn Structures
Part 4: The Long Diagonal
Part 5: Central Control
Part 6: Larsen vs. Eley
Part 7: Larsen vs. Parma
Part 8: Larsen vs. Cafferty
Part 9: Larsen vs. Wade
Part 10: Larsen vs. Keene
Part 11: Larsen vs. Kavalek
Part 12: Larsen vs. Bellon Lopez
Part 13: Conclusion

Double Fianchetto Chess Opening – GM Damian Lemos

Double Fianchetto Chess Opening Gm Damian Lemos

Since entering the computer age, chess opening theory has exploded, with razor-sharp novelties and tricky ideas being routinely “cooked” and sprung upon the unwary club player.

How do you deal with this?
You surely can’t memorize everything.

In Double Fianchetto Domination, GM Damian Lemos offers a refreshing break from rote-memorization, with a unique ideas-based opening system, favored by the likes of Vladimir Kramnik, Lev Aronian, and many other elite GMs.

This is your complete repertoire for white based on using the power of the double fianchetto for both bishops and then, regardless of how black responds, using GM Lemos’ reliable strategy for gaining an advantage and playing for a win.

Armed with this system, you have a reliable, non-theoretical opening that’s simple enough to learn in a weekend, yet powerful enough to crush grandmasters.

About the Authors:

Damian Lemos is a grandmaster from Argentina with a peak rating of 2559 Elo.

In his lessons, Damian works closely with students to first identify the flaws and weaknesses in their games so that they can be properly evaluated and corrected.

By developing specifically-tailored training regimens for every one of his students, Grandmaster Lemos is able to achieve results that other chess coaches dream of.

FM Yuriy Krykun (Peak rating of 2382 ELO as July 2020) – Ukrainian FIDE Master and member of the National Team. He has one IM norm. He has played in many National and International tournaments, winning over 10 medals. Bronze medal winner in European U18 Championship. Full-time chess player, coach, and author of multiple publications.

Levy Rozman is an American chess player, coach, and world-famous streamer. He has a passion for teaching chess specifically and has devoted the better part of his life to developing his coaching style. Levy is a regular tournament player and a professional chess coach working with players of all ages and skill levels.

Andrew David Martin (born 18th May 1957 in West Ham, London) is an English chess player with the title of international master.

Martin received his title as an international master in 1984. He also earned his first grandmaster norm in the British Championship of 1997 in Brighton. On the 21st of February 2004, Martin set a new world record for simultaneous chess. He faced 321 chess players at the same time. His result was: 294 wins, 26 draws, and only one loss.

Martin is a chess columnist, an author of chess books, and the author of various instructional videos. He is also a FIDE Senior Trainer and the current ECF Manager of Coaches. Martin lives in Bramley, England, and still teaches extensively.

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Content Outline

Larsen’s Opening 1.b3 (Deep Dive Vol. 20)

  • Chapter 1: 1.b3 e5 2.Bb2 d6, Part 1
  • Chapter 2: 1.b3 e5 2.Bb2 d6, Part 2
  • Chapter 3: 1.b3 e5 2.Bb2 d6, Part 3
  • Chapter 4: 1.b3 e5 2.Bb2 Nc6, Part 1
  • Chapter 5: 1.b3 e5 2.Bb2 Nc6, Part 2
  • Chapter 6: 1.b3 e5 2.Bb2 Nc6, Part 3
  • Chapter 7: 1.b3 e5 2.Bb2 Nc6, Part 4
  • Chapter 8: 1.b3 d5, Part 1
  • Chapter 9: 1.b3 d5, Part 2
  • Chapter 10: 1.b3 d5, Part 3
  • Chapter 11: 1.b3 d5, Part 4
  • Chapter 12: 1.b3 d5, Part 5
  • Chapter 13: 1.b3 Nf6, Part 1
  • Chapter 14: 1.b3 Nf6, Part 2
  • Chapter 15: 1.b3 c5
  • Chapter 16: 1.b3 a5

1.b3 Secret Weapon with FM Yuriy Krykun

  • Chapter 1 What 1.b3 is all about
  • Chapter 2 1.b3 e5 2.Bb2 Nc6 3.Nf3
  • Chapter 3 Setups with …d7-d5, …Bf5 and …e6
  • Chapter 4 Setups with …d7-d5 and …c7-c5
  • Chapter 5 1.b3 d5 2.Bb2 Bg4 3.f3
  • Chapter 6 Reti setups
  • Chapter 7 1.b3 c5 2.Bb2 Nc6 3.Nf3 d6
  • Chapter 8 1.b3 Nf6 2.Bb2 g6 3.Bxf6
  • Chapter 9 KID setups with …e7-e5
  • Chapter 10 KID setups with …c7-c5
  • Chapter 11 Grunfeld setups with …d7-d5 1
  • Chapter 12 1.b3 b6
  • Chapter 13 Odds and ends – 1.b3 f5
  • Chapter 14 Odds and ends – 1.b3 a5
  • Chapter 15 Model games

1.b3 Chess Opening Bash – Your Secret Weapon

  • CHAPTER 1 d5 e5 Systems
  • CHAPTER 2 d5 c5 Systems
  • CHAPTER 3 d5 System
  • CHAPTER 4 The Reverse London
  • CHAPTER 5 d5 Bg4 System
  • CHAPTER 6 e5 sidelines
  • CHAPTER 7 e5 System
  • CHAPTER 8 e5 System Bd6, no Na5
  • CHAPTER 9 e5 System, Na3, Na5
  • CHAPTER 10 The Odds and Ends
  • CHAPTER 11 Complete Games I
  • CHAPTER 12 Complete Games II

Foxy DVD Series – Vol 70

  • Part 1: Introduction
  • Part 2: Provocation
  • Part 3: Pawn Structures
  • Part 4: The Long Diagonal
  • Part 5: Central Control
  • Part 6: Larsen vs. Eley
  • Part 7: Larsen vs. Parma
  • Part 8: Larsen vs. Cafferty
  • Part 9: Larsen vs. Wade
  • Part 10: Larsen vs. Keene
  • Part 11: Larsen vs. Kavalek
  • Part 12: Larsen vs. Bellon Lopez
  • Part 13: Conclusion

Double Fianchetto Chess Opening – GM Damian Lemos

  • Chapter 1: Black plays an early …c5: Kramnik-Caruana
  • Chapter 2: Challenging Black’s …d5: Fressinet-Maze
  • Chapter 3: Dealing with …e5: Fressinet-Hjornevik
  • Chapter 4: Breaking up Black’s center: Kramnik-Ghasi
  • Chapter 5: Dominating without Queens: Gajewski-Frick
  • Chapter 6: Gaining space and controlling the board: Granda Zuniga-Giri
  • Chapter 7: Attacking on the Kingside: Polugaevsky-Planinec
  • Chapter 8: Sacrifices on Black’s King position: Damljanovic-Mukhametov
  • Chapter 9: The Kingside pawn storm: Artemiev-Krutko
  • Chapter 10: Domination of the d-file: Wei Yi-Wan Yunguo
  • Chapter 11: Attacking on the long diagonal: Le Quang Liem-Kasimdzhanov
  • Chapter 12: Passed pawns beat pieces: Malakhov-Hansen