Beating the Nimzo-Indian Defense with 4. Qc2 – GM Timur Gareev

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GM Timur Gareev

GM Timur Gareev is an American Grandmaster who was a part of the University of Texas at Brownsville’s chess team from August 2005 to August 2006 and also from August 2009 to December 2011 where he helped the university obtain its first national championship.

This DVD by GM Timur Gareev for Intermediate and Advanced players has a detailed look at The 4.Qc2 Nimzo Indian. Timur explains that there is no reason to allow a Queen’s Indian because Black will struggle against this White response and that the Black Nimzo Indian is harmless as the 4.Qc2 move is favoured by both Kasparov and Carlsen with excellent results.

The ideas for White are supported by extensive analysis – this knowledge will support improvement in all players’ positional understanding and help them to Master the very important area of taming The Nimzo-Indian with the Classical 4.Qc2

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1. Intro Aronian-Karpov
2. Bareev-Jacovenko
3. Carlsen-Shap
4. Carlsen-Ibraev
5. Mamed-Kotsur
6. 4…c5 theory & Dreev-Papin
7. 5. Nf3 Carlsen-Wang Hao
8. 5. a3 Ivanchuk-Nisipeanu b5 gambit
9. 5.a3 Dreev vs 6. b6
10. 5.a3 Dreev vs 6…b6 p2
11. 5.a3 Dreev vs 6…b6 p3
12. 5.a3 Onischuk-So f3 idea
13. Ivanchuk-Moro 6…d5
14. Shomoev-Andreikin
15. Bg5 Akobian Friedel
16. 4…d5 5.e3 idea
17. 4…Nc6

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4 hours 9 minutes


GM Timur Gareev


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