Attacking with London System with GM Miloje Ratkovic

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Get Master-level opening preparation for White in just over 5 hours!

GM Miloje Ratkovic is all about efficiency and getting maximum results from the time you spend.

In Attacking with London System, he reveals a universal setup for white that can be played against… literally everything!

The modern London System is a perfect weapon for aggressive club players.

GM Ratkovic keeps the flexibility and simplicity of the London Setup yet spices it up with the latest discoveries inspired by the strongest engines. He also keeps it simple and points out the most important things to understand.


About the Author:

GM Miloje Ratkovic

is a Serbian Grandmaster with a FIDE Rating of 2499. He obtained the GM title in 2021. He has conquered many National and International events. He is a professional player, chess coach, and streamer. GM Ratkovic is also a huge fan of online blitz with an Elo over 2785.

Here’s what you are going to learn:

  • How to attack against the King’s Indian Setup. Black chooses the King’s Indian hoping to destroy us on the kingside, but GM Ratkovic shows the way how to turn the tables and demolish Black by using the h-pawn for the attack.
  • Opposite side castling attack against the Queen’s Indian Setup. Opposite side castling traditionally leads to the sharpest and most risky play. GM Ratkovic reveals why against the Queen’s Indian Setup, this scenario becomes very promising for White.
  • Shock Black with the Morris Countergambit. If Black tries to attack the center early on, you have a very attractive gambit option that will surprise your opponents and pose a lot of problems to them!
  • Punish Black’s copycat strategy. How do you react if Black copies your play and develops the bishop to f5? GM Ratkovic shows aggressive ideas to punish it as well!
  • The trickiest lines against Black’s solid setups. In the course, you will also see how to attack against Black’s most popular solid setups by using the power of your e5-knight and the flank pawns.

If you are looking for a universal, easy-to-learn, and aggressive repertoire for White and don’t have weeks to prepare, this course is for you!

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Content Outline

Chapter 1 Introduction and Morris Countergambit
Chapter 2 Morris Countergambit II
Chapter 3 1…d5, 2…Nf6, 3…c5
Chapter 4 1…d5, 2…Nf6, 3…e6 I
Chapter 5 1…d5, 2…Nf6, 3…e6 II
Chapter 6 Systems with Bf5 (…d5, …Bf5) I
Chapter 7 Systems with Bf5 (…d5, …Bf5) II
Chapter 8 King’s Indian Setup I
Chapter 9 King’s Indian Setup II
Chapter 10 Queen’s Indian Setup
Chapter 11 Benoni Setup (1…Nf6, 2…c5)
Chapter 12 Dutch Defense
Chapter 13 Unusual Lines