The Art of the Exchange Sacrifice – IM Ari Ziegler (Physical Disc)

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People in Greenland can differentiate between 36 kinds of snow; the Swedish International Master Ari Ziegler will teach you to differentiate between 20 kinds of exchange sacrifice. His systematic approach to exchange sacrifices will rapidly enhance your understanding of one of the most exciting and difficult aspects of chess. Your widened horizon will help you to be able to follow the games of top GMs better and also to see more options in your own positions, which in turn will improve your chess results.

With this DVD you will:

Seriously enhance your understanding of exchange sacrifices.
You will very quickly recognise the value of an exchange sacrifice in any kind of position.
Your games will be richer and you will see more opportunities and because of that you will improve your overall results.
You will reach a better understanding of the games of world class players.


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6h 40min



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