Aronian: Fighting for the Initiative with Black – GM Artur Yusupov and GM Jan Gustafsson

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GM Artur Yusupov and GM Jan GustafssonCan’t get enough of Artur Yusupov? We have more!

In this mini-series Artur takes a look at three Levon Aronian games that will help us to understand one of the toughest things to do in chess: fight for the initiative with the black pieces. Enjoy!

You are going to learn about the art of the initiative from one of the greatest players of our time. Or just enjoy some high-level games with commentary by one of the best coaches of our time. And by Jan.


  1. Introduction
  2. Fighting for the initiative with Black
  3. Sacrificing a piece for a long-term attack
  4. Sacrificing a pawn for the initiative

Additional information

Running Time

2 hours