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IM Anna Rudolf creates high-quality content like no other – and now you can get it all in one bundle!

From smashing the barriers that are keeping you below your rating goal, to learning THE essential endgames that will bring home all those points you have been dropping tournament after tournament, and on to a tour through the history of women’s chess, it’s all here – and more.

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The Anna Rudolf Method – Smash The Barriers To Your Chess Success!About the Author

Anna Rudolf is an Olympic Chess-Player and three-time Hungarian Champion. She has earned the titles of International Master and Woman Grand Master.

She recorded her first video series in 2013 and since then has established herself as an acclaimed chess commentator, events streamer, and chess reporter.

Anna has participated as a commenter in many world-class events including the World Chess Rapid and Blitz Championships in Doha, the Paris and Leuven legs of the Grand Chess Tour, the 2016 Candidates Tournament, the 42nd Chess Olympiad in Baku and many others.

Included Products:

The Anna Rudolf Master Method – Smash the Barriers to your Chess Success!

The Anna Rudolf Method – Smash The Barriers To Your Chess Success!
Basic Chess Strategy Lessons – The Anna Rudolf Method

Have you already succeeded at mastering all the aspects of basic chess strategy?

Many players seem to get stuck at a certain level, no matter how hard they train.

It’s like there’s an invisible barrier preventing them from reaching 1600, 1800 or 2000 Elo.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

IM Anna Rudolf (aka Miss Strategy) has found the solution. Instead of cramming your brain with endless amounts of new knowledge, we need to fix the 5 holes through which valuable rating points are always leaking.

Blunders, missing winning opportunities, failing to identify the strongest plan, underestimating your opponent’s strategy and fear/complacency. These are the real barriers holding you back.

The 15 hour Anna Rudolf Method teaches you how to solve these problems and achieve your potential by becoming a master of awareness, emotions and targeting weaknesses.

Is this course for me?

If you are a beginner player:

These basic chess strategy lessons by Anna Rudolf will help you learn how to choose opening systems that fit your style and build an effective opening repertoire. You’ll also learn what to in case you have to play a position that’s completely unknown to you.

You’ll also be able to learn what’s needed for you to become a master of planning and also improve your strategic thinking process when playing chess.

These lessons will teach you how to always look to improve your pieces and worsen the opponent’s pieces with every move.

Anna has put a TON of work and research into discovering the 5 biggest barriers stopping most players from reaching 2000 Elo and beyond. The Anna Rudolf Method then tells you how to turn these often undiagnosed weaknesses into game-winning strengths.

1. Banish blunders:

Blunders are the #1 rating killers. Whether you’re dropping pieces or overlooking positional mistakes, the root cause of blunders is the same. Anna reveals her technique for keeping total awareness at all times!

2. Take your chances:

Finding winning moves is much tougher in a real game than when solving tactics. Any would-be helper standing by your board shouting “Mate in 3!” would get kicked out! Discover how to search and destroy your target at the first opportunity.

3. Proven winning plans:

When you’re thinking what to play, the moves you see are affected by your plan. If you’re thinking about how to attack the kingside, you’ll probably miss the winning pawn break on the queenside.

Anna explains the ideas behind the most powerful attacking formations, positional strategies and endgame plans to make sure you’re always focused on the strongest moves.

4. One step ahead:

If you’re thinking about what you’re trying to achieve and ignoring your opponent’s plans, you’re going to get a nasty shock. Instead, learn how to read your rival’s plans and use it against them!

5. Competitive success:

It’s no good being a great chess player if you fall apart when it counts. A huge percentage of games are lost due to either complacency or irrational fear. Learn how to combine a burning desire to win with ice-cool composure to become the ultimate competitor.

Essential Endgames Course for Club Players IM Anna Rudolf

Anna’s Essential Endgames Course – Im Anna Rudolf

Most club players hate endgames.

With a clenched fist in the air, they’ll wail and shout that its much more fun to just line up their pieces, sac one of them, and deliver a brutal checkmate as a roaring crowd cheers them up…

…That’s much better than grinding out a tiring 60-move endgame win.

But what if this dream checkmate doesn’t happen and their opponent manages to wriggle out of trouble?

The pain of a feeble, unskilled handling of the resulting endgame…

…A win turned into a draw…or a draw turned into a loss…

But not for you.

This course makes things simple for you with IM Anna Rudolf shedding light on the endgames every serious chess player absolutely must know.

Mastering these techniques, you’ll soon be converting fundamental endgames with a well-practiced mastery.

Can you convert with a Bishop and Knight vs Lone King? You’re covered.

Can you assess the coming King and Pawn ending, even while there are still lots of pieces on the board? Sounds impossible, but there’s a simple trick making it easy in any position.

Join IM Anna and you’ll quickly be saving the toughest Rook Endings, winning the most drawish Opposite Color bishop endings, blocking dangerous passed pawns, and much more…

Is this course for me?

Whether you love or hate endgames, serious chess players need this endgame knowledge in order to improve…and Anna’s Essential Endgames Course is the simplest way to cram the ideas into your brain and begin using them immediately.

This is the strong endgame foundation you need and will support you for the rest of your chess playing life.

So congratulations! Your path to endgame mastery has begun.

Here’s part of what you’ll see in this course:

Mate with Bishop and Knight

Anna’s Essential Endgames Course – Im Anna Rudolf

Mating with a bishop & a knight is much more difficult than mating with two bishops but stay patient. With a little practice, you’ll be able to win this endgame every single time.

This position to the right is key. This is the position to aim for in these endgames.

We want the opponent’s king on any side of the board. Our king stands in opposition, the knight in-between, and the bishop at the rear all on the same rank.

It doesn’t matter which side of the board you’re on, as long as your pieces are in this order (from the opponent’s king): Knight – King – Bishop.

Chase the King to the Corner

Which corner? To win this endgame, the opponent’s king will need to be on a corner square that is the same color as your bishop. In this case, we have a dark-squared bishop, so we want to drive the king to a8, a dark-square.

Pawn Square; Creating a Passed Pawn

Can your passed pawn be promoted without the help of your king?

Anna’s Essential Endgames Course – Im Anna RudolfThe concept of the pawn square will tell you the answer every single time without requiring you to expend energy trying to calculate the moves out.

Let’s use the position to the right and draw our pawn square. Imagine a box starting from your pawn and reaching to the promotion square. You can easily size this box by imagining a diagonal line to the promotion rank.

If the opponent’s king is inside this square or can step inside it on the next move, then the pawn cannot be promoted without your king stepping in to help.

If the opponent king cannot step into this square, it can make it all by itself.

IM Anna Rudolf covers all the basics, and more, to give you the edge over your opponent. Most club players ignore endgame training, but you’ll be ready for anything – and be able to punish your opponents!

Other Included Products

Great games by women – WGM Anna Rudolf

The charming Anna Rudolf shows you some brilliant games played by the best female players, including Judit Polgar and World Champion Hou Yifan.

Miss Strategy vs. Miss Tactics – WGM’s Anna Rudolf and Sopiko Guramishvili 

Sopiko Guramishvili (Miss Tactics) joins Anna Rudolf (Miss Strategy) for a look at some of their favorite historical games.

Young Magnus Carlsen – IM Sopiko Guramishvili and IM Anna Rudolf

In this 4.5 hour course, the effervescent duo of Miss Strategy (IM Anna Rudolf) and Miss Tactics (IM Sopiko Guramishivili) look at the early years of Magnus Carlsen with 16 of his most impressive games on the way to becoming the youngest ever Grandmaster, aged 13.

Magnus Carlsen’s Rise to the Top

Part Two of our Magnus Carlsen trilogy covers some of Magnus’ best games from 2004 until the moment he became the world’s number one rated player in 2010. Magnus himself collaborated with us by recommending some of his favorite games from that period!

Magnus Carlsen: World Champion

It all starts with the Candidates in London in 2013, where Magnus almost missed out after a last-round thriller. The next stop is the Chennai World Championship in the same year as Magnus dethrones World Champion Vishy Anand. Anna and Sopiko show the decisive moments from that match.

Finally, Magnus defends his title in a rematch with Vishy in Sochi in 2014, with four games put under the microscope.

Enjoy your courses!

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