Advanced Smirnov package: “Reaching the TOP”

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GM Igor Smirnov
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This Package is aimed for people with an advanced chess level who are seeking to become a chess master!

What’s included:

You will get “The Grandmaster’s Opening Laboratory -2 Bonus pack” worth $25 absolutely free.


Weak players make a lot of mistakes and it’s not that hard to beat them. But how can you overcome an equal or even a stronger opponent? This is a tough question for most of intermediate players.

Strong opponents are well familiar with common tactics. They know opening lines just as good as you (if not better). They follow all classical strategic rules: exploit weak squares, fight for an open line etc. So how can you overcome them?

Standard knowledge is not going to help you anymore. Here you need something really powerful.

You need to play highly tense, dynamical games. You should sort our complications better than your opponent. You must start a BIG FIGHT and wrest a victory!

This advanced package will help you beat strong opponents, and get to the TOP level.

We honor Smirnov’s 30 day guarantee. If you are truly unhappy with the product, let us know and we’ll find a way to make it right. 

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