The Accelerated Dragon with GM Alex Fier

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The Accelerated Dragon With Gm Alex Fier

GM Alex Fier’s course on the Sicilian Accelerated Dragon gives you a complete understanding of essential fundamental ideas and tactical patterns… to get you ready for your next tournament game.

The Accelerated Dragon With Gm Alex Fier

GM Alex Fier reveals…

Do you love lightning-fast development, early attacks, and razor-sharp positions? Looking for an opening that challenges White’s 1.e4 and often makes it look “silly”?

The Accelerated Dragon—an improved version of the Sicilian Dragon—is the right opening for you.

It is a sound opening where you do not rely on cheap tricks or traps. You can play for solidity and equality, and if White is not careful, you can turn the tables pretty quickly too.

And since you don’t play …d7-d6 early on, you don’t fall prey to the dangerous Yugoslav Attack like in the Dragon Variation.

Also, who wants to study tons of theory in the Sicilian Dragon, right?

That’s where the Accelerated Dragon scores again… where you do NOT have to study for hours to survive the first 15 moves.

It’s time to master the Accelerated Dragon Sicilian.

About the Author

GM Alex Fier [2653 FIDE] is a Brazilian chess grandmaster. He competed in the FIDE World Cup in 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015, and 2017. Fier won five gold medals at the Pan American Youth Chess Festival: in the Under 10 division in 1996 and 1997, the Under 12 in 2000, the Under 14 in 2002, and Under 18 in 2005. He also won the South American Junior Championship in 2006, 2008, and 2009. Alex is a professional chess coach and has been ranked as high as #70 in the world.

What’s in the course?

  • Accelerated Dragon – video course Teaches you everything you need to know about this opening in just under 10 hours of video
  • Complete set of PGNs Downloadable, complete set of PGNs of everything covered so that you can analyze it at your own pace and convenience. A must-have treasure chest for any serious player.
  • Access to Practicum Train the important attacking motifs with a set of specifically designed tasks and challenges. Practical part is an important element of the course.

Here’s what you are going to learn:

  • Double rooks vs double bishops. Active bishops can really exert a lot MORE power than passive rooks. Even if that means being down in material. Let Fier explain how it works, with the help of a real-life game…
  • Central pawn pressure. The idea of 1…c5 is to exchange the d2-d4 pawn push by White and thus grab hold of the center. Discover how the great Lasker used this idea against Schlecter for a solid passed d-pawn.
  • The fateful f3-pawn. If White plays f2-f3 and goes for castling short, it weakens the dark squares…ouch! Not something you want as White when your opponent has got the Dragon bishop. How to exploit it? Let Fier teach you…
  • Exploiting back ranks. White may try to go aggressive at times. And frankly, that creates a lot of holes for the Accelerated Dragon player to exploit, like a weak back rank. In Lecture 3, you will see the concept in play from a 1950 game.
  • Go “hyper” on your Dragon. Why not lead with 2…g6 and go for the Hyper-Accelerated Dragon? Extremely sharp and double-edged. Beware of the Maroczy Bind though. Or just go through the 2.7 hours of video lessons specially dedicated to it in this training.

Most Sicilians involve entering a black hole of theory, but not this one! The serpentine-like Accelerated Dragon is light on its feet and dangerous from the moment it appears.

Start playing it now!

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9 hours 55 mins

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Chapter List

Chapter 1 About Accelerated Dragon
Chapter 2 History of Accelerated Dragon
Chapter 3 Heroes of Accelerated Dragon (part 1)
Chapter 4 Heroes of Accelerated Dragon (part 2)
Chapter 5 Maroczy Sidelines
Chapter 6 Maroczy with f3 (part 1)
Chapter 7 Maroczy with f3 (part 2)
Chapter 8 Maroczy with f3 (part 3)
Chapter 9 Maroczy with Be2 (part 1)
Chapter 10 Maroczy with Be2 (part 2)
Chapter 11 Nc3-Be3-Nc6
Chapter 12 Nc3-Be3-Bc4
Chapter 13 Classical (part 1)
Chapter 14 Classical (part 2)
Chapter 15 Fianchetto
Chapter 16 Hyper Accelerated Dragon (part 1)
Chapter 17 Hyper Accelerated Dragon (part 2)
Chapter 18 Hyper Accelerated Dragon (part 3)
Chapter 19 Odds and Ends