A strategic weapon against 1.d4: The Queen’s Indian Defense – GM Viktor Bologan (Physical Disc)

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The Queen’s Indian Defense is one of the most solid and rich openings against 1.d4. Together with the Nimzo-Indian and the Catalan, it forms the so-called “Classical Setup”, which any player should know.

The Queen’s Indian is a favorite of both top players and amateurs. Top players like the solid structure of Black’s set-up that offers a lot of scope for interesting play and new ideas, amateurs like that the variation is easy to learn and understanding the position is more important than memorizing lines.

Victor Bologan has enjoyed the advantages of the Queen’s Indian defense for many years in open and in top tournaments.

He says: “The soul of the opening, the most important piece, is the course the bishop on b7. Please remember this and keep it active.” Every chess enthusiast, from beginner to high-level player, can profit from this DVD.

Enrich your chess vocabulary, be open to new ideas: play the Queen’s Indian!

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