A personal look at Mikhail Tal’s games – GM Peter Svidler

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A Personal Look At Mikhail Tal's Games - Gm Peter Svidler

A Personal Look At Mikhail Tal's Games - Gm Peter Svidler

Mikhail Tal, nicknamed the “Magician from Riga,” was a gregarious and unworldly genius who overwhelmed his opponents with dazzling attacking chess.

His creative play, stunning sacrifices and mating attacks that seemed to come out of the blue made him one of the most loved and watched players.

He certainly made a big impression on a young Peter Svidler, who studied Tal’s games and techniques as he grew up. Over the course of 2h 40m, Svidler takes you through seven of Tal’s classic games, sharing his personal insights into one of the greatest attacking players of all time.

With such rich games, this series is as instructive as it is entertaining and Svidler’s lucid explanations reveal the secrets behind Tal’s genius.


1. A personal look at Mikhail Tal’s games
2. Tal’s early games
3. Tal vs. Hecht (1962)
4. Tal vs. Portisch (Bled, 1965)
5. Tal vs. Larsen (Bled, 1965)
6. Botvinnik vs. Tal (Moscow, 1960)
7. Tal vs. Akopian (Barcelona, 1992)
8. Final thoughts on Tal

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