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Essential Dan Heisman: From A To Zugzwang And Endings Bundle

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Essential Dan Heisman: From A to Zugzwang and Endings Bundle

Dan Heisman is considered one of the most original and influential modern chess tutors, thanks to his clear-cut approach to improvement and his celebrity students including radio personality Howard Stern. Dan's award-winning articles, books and video lectures have helped thousands of players better understand the game they love and achieve their chess ambitions. Phrases like "hope chess" have become part of improvers' vocabulary, drawing attention to a problem many were unaware of before. Now, for the first time, you can get all of Dan's lessons in one 49+ hour pack, "Essential Dan Heisman: From A to Zugzwang". As the name suggests, this is a complete course covering every area of the game and… Read more ...
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