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Practical Chess Common Sense For Paehtzers: The Paehtz Method

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Practical Chess Common Sense For Paehtzers: The Paehtz Master Method

Practical Chess Common Sense For Paehtzers: The Paehtz Method

From her early childhood, the chess world predicted Elisabeth Paehtz would one day become one of Germany’s strongest chess players.

She absorbed chess concepts fast and, gifted with an intuitive sense of the chessboard, she somehow knew where the pieces belonged, winning game after game in big tournaments.

So when she scored a stunning victory in the World Youth Championships in 2002, many people were not surprised.

Ten Chess Olympiad appearances later…she is a force to be reckoned with.

What you have here is The Paehtz Method — her official 15-hour course sharing the optimized approach she recommends for achieving chess mastery in record time.

How is this course going to help me?

A lot of players dedicate tons of time to chess without getting the results they are looking for. IM Eli Paehtz is well aware of that and took on the task of creating a course that would help these players to get better results based on common sense in chess rather than learning and memorizing tons of theory.
Her Master Method mainly focuses on three aspects of the game: opening play, positional understanding, and practical endgames.
Here’s part of what you’ll learn with this course:

Opening Errors And Psychology
IM Paehtz covers the factor of emotions and fear which may sometimes influence your choices at the early stage of the game, how to face them and also how to take advantage of them.

Practical Chess Common Sense For Paehtzers: The Paehtz MethodImprove Your Positional Understanding

This part covers the most important topics of positional chess such as as maneuvering, open files, positional sacrifices, the importance of exploiting strong squares and much more.
Practical Endgames
Because it’s always important to learn how to win blocked or superior positions using the principle of two weaknesses (diagram) or minor sacrifices to breakthrough. IM Paehtz teaches you the key principles that will see you win many endgames!
Special Chapter
In this section, we can appreciate several extraordinary moves which seemed magical to IM Paehtz when she first experienced them. They also may encourage you to keep fighting when you believe there is no chance to save a game!
Most of the topics and examples covered in this course accompanied Eli Paehtz on her way to becoming one of the top 20 women in the world.
So it’s time for you to employ time in the right way and start getting the results you deserve.

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Chapter Outline

Chapter 1: Opening Errors and Psychology

  • Don’t Try Too Hard to Surprise Your Opponent
  • Don’t Lose Control
  • Understand Your Opponent’s Thinking
  • The Dangers of Memorizing
  • Keep Your Opening Lines Updated
  • Want a Draw? Don’t Be Shy!
  • Never Get Greedy!
  • Preparing Against a Known Opponent
  • Be Cautious When Playing in Unknown Territory
  • When Opening Principles are Neglected

Chapter 2: Improve your Positional Understanding

  • Exploiting Strong Squares
  • Excluded Pieces
  • The Exchange Sacrifice
  • Strength of the Bishop Pair in The Middlegame
  • Strength of the Bishop Pair in The Endgame
  • Regrouping Pieces
  • The Weakest Piece
  • The Right Exchange in The Middlegame
  • The Right Exchange in The Endgame
  • The King in The Center
  • Exploiting Open Files

Chapter 3: Practical Endgames

  • How to Break Through
  • The Principle of Two Weaknesses
  • Pawn Breakthroughs

Special Chapter: The Most Amazing Moves


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Practical Chess Common Sense For Paehtzers: The Paehtz Method

The Paehtz Method – IM Elisabeth Paehtz

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