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Miguel A.

Every chess player faces the s

Every chess player faces the same dilemma regarding chess opening, to play main lines or sidelines. The Bulmaga Method is a DVD by Irina Bulmaga with focus on chess openings. The author suggest to play sidelines until you reach 2300 FIDE and the move to main lines. The core idea is to play sidelines to save time to study other aspects of chess (Bulmaga Method) besides openings. Irina Bulmaga explain the main ideas and plan of each of the openings she advocates. The Bulmaga Method is an alternative to players with a limited time to study opening theory. The key to get the most out of Irina's chess approach is to use the time you save developing other areas of your chess such as endgames. FI Miguel Ararat (US National Coach)


I confess looking at the cours

I confess looking at the course content I had some doubts. The one thing I do not lack in my chess library is opening information. Fortunately for me I went ahead and bought this course. This is one of my favorites not only for the opening repertoire but also for Irina's humility and readiness to admit when she did not play the best move. Although I am starting to work through the sidelines for the second time the wisdom shared in the games has helped me reach my highest rating in online blitz play. I am very close to setting a new high in online rapid games as well. This I have done playing my own repertoire which confirms what I have learned goes beyond mere opening knowledge. That I have achieved this while misplaying the King's Indian Attack is a sign of how much wisdom Irina has shared in this course. I must say this is in my top three Master Method series along with the GingerGM Method and the Anna Rudolf Method. Thanks a million for a wonderful course. I am sure there are many wonderful hours of study ahead of me when I move on to the main line repertoire. I've taken a brief look at a couple of the main lines and like what I see.


Master Method Series #30

How I Became An Im (the Bulmaga Method)
How to study the opening using the Bulmaga Method

Do you ever feel like you spend too many hours trying to find out how to study chess openings but your opponents outplay you anyway?

Do you ever feel like your game level is stuck at one single point and not going anywhere?

Well, let me tell you, you’re not alone. That often happens when the player is too busy at trying to improve in one aspect of the game, but then neglects the other important areas.

Ambitious players need to have an opening repertoire they can rely on. But when you start to face the serious “booked-up” players in tournaments sometimes is very difficult to know better than they do, end they end up taking advantage very early in the game.

Romanian master Irina Bulmaga knew she needed to keep an edge if she wanted to make rapid progress and beat ever stronger players.

So she took a whole different approach in order to have a solid opening repertoire and also avoid falling into endless lines of long theory with players who literally eat the books and memorize all the lines, her approach: master the sidelines.

About the Author

How I Became An Im (the Bulmaga Method)
IM and WGM Irina Bulmaga

Irina Bulmaga is a strong IM and WIM from Romania, currently rated 2419 ELO.

She became Romanian classical chess Women Champion, 2018 and got her first Fide title as WFM at the age of 11 in 2005.

By employing sound, tricky and lesser-known opening ideas against each of the main opening moves, Irina was able to able to consistently get great positions higher rated players and her rating skyrocketed from 2100-2300.

In this 15 hour course, IM Bulmaga will show you how to play the repertoire of sidelines that helped her reach gain more than 200 Elo points.

With these openings you will be ready to take your rivals out of their comfort zone and beat them on your battleground!

And that’s just the beginning of it.

How is this going to help me? 

After learning the sidelines and integrating them into your own play, you go on to master the strategy behind the main lines too. It was this step that helped Irina go from 2300 to IM!

And finally, IM Bulmaga will give you insight into mixing it up and choosing openings that are going to be more difficult challenges for your opponent.

At higher levels, the person who learns how to study chess openings and gets the better position at the beginning of the game has a massive advantage for the rest of the game. Make sure that person is you and follow a proven path to success with IM Bulmaga’s How I Became an IM!


Part 1: 2300 Elo with sidelines

  1. The Reversed KID
  2. The Italian
  3. The Pirc
  4. Bb5+
  5. The Paulsen
  6. d4 c5 2.d5 e5
  7. The Reti
  8. The English Opening

Part 2: Mastering the main lines

  1. The Ruy Lopez
  2. Attacking the Paulsen
  3. Attacking the …d6 Sicilian
  4. Advance Caro-Kann
  5. Attacking the French
  6. The Najdorf – a deadly weapon
  7. The Nimzo-Indian complex

Part 3: Opening evolution

  1. Be2 against the Sicilian
  2. d4 d5 2.Nf3 Nf6 3.e3
  3. Italian vs Spanish
  4. Pirc, c3 vs Classical
  5. King’s pawn vs Sicilian
  6. Nimzo-Indian vs KID
  7. c4 c5 vs 1.c4 e5

Enjoy your course! 


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