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Converting Imbalances For Club Players – Im Keaton Kiewra

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Converting Imbalances for Club Players - IM Keaton Kiewra

Chess Endgame Strategy: Converting Imbalances - IM Keaton Kiewra Converting Imbalances for Club Players - IM Keaton Kiewra There are too many club players who limit themselves by failing to develop a good chess endgame strategy understanding and technique. It is this one area that keeps 90% of players firmly in the club player bracket when they are capable of so much more. In this 5 hour course, experienced chess coach and 9-time Nebraska Champion IM Keaton Kiewra will train you in the skills needed for you to succeed in chess endgame strategy. These skills will also deepen your understanding and sharpen your technique in all phases of the game. Master topics… Read more ...
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